The crypto crash has been great for my passive income!


It’s been quite a week for crypto, especially anyone invested in LUNA/UST. This is a piece about how my passive income investment through Swapnex has fared during this dip.

For reference, please see my previous article $10k a month in passive investment.

[ This is not financial advice, but rather a description of my personal experiences and my opinions on swapnex and other related crypto platforms. Always do your own research.]

UST got destroyed. BTC down 25% in a few weeks… It’s been a rough ride for crypto lately.

BTC has had a rough 10 days

So the big question is, am I still making $10k per month? Well, not exactly.

To recap, I have about $13k (at current market value) invested in Swapnex. About 2/3 BTC, 1/3 USDT and a little BNB. So the value of those tokens has definitely decreased during the last little while. Heck, even USDT had a little bit of a tumble there, but seems to be back to maintaining 1:1 peg now.

At current market values, I have gains of $6600 on this $13k — about 50%. I’ve realized about half of that so far by withdrawing from the platform to secure those gains.

Right now I’m seeing a return of around $400 per day, or $11773 per month based on current estimates.

There are two primary reasons why this has grown:

  1. I have enabled compounding on my automated 5x per day trades on a smaller portion of my BTC investment. So compounding 5x per day is pretty sweet, and definitely producing better than the 3x per day compounding I’m getting on my manual orders. But of course the manual orders mean that my capital is not locked up for the term and can be withdrawn at any time.
  2. The ROI per trade has increased significantly during this market volatility. For the first few weeks of my use of Swapnex I was getting an average of about 0.57% ROI per trade. Now I’m averaging around 0.7%. It’s actually probably higher lately, but I just haven’t calculated it in the past couple days.
The last four automated trades on the platform. Seeing great ROI!

As you can see above, a quick snapshot of the most recent automated trades on the platform had ROIs in the 0.7%-1.17% range! Keeping in mind these get compounded 3–5x per day (depending on which pair I have that set up on) and you can really start to see the benefits.

So, while there has been some impermanent loss of my initial capital value due to the drop in BTC, I believe in BTC as a long term hold of value, so I’m not going to stress about that. Similarly for BNB and USDT. (Although my faith in USDT is starting to wane, but perhaps that’s a topic for another article). The recent volatility in the market has actually led to higher ROIs because the spreads across the exchanges appear to be larger in the last few days than they have been in the past. I’ll take it!

So where does that leave me? I’m just going to keep riding this wave and not get too stressed about the recent dips. In fact, I’m so happy with Swapnex that I’m planning to DCA in some more BTC.

If you’ve found this article valuable, and decide to change your life by investing with Swpanex, then I would be grateful if you could use my referal link to sign up. It would help me and my family with a small percentage and costs you nothing. If not, no big deal. :)