The Case For Using Arizona Ice-Tea as the New Fiat Currency


Arizona Ice-tea is a $1.00. Inflation? $1.00, act-of-god? $1.00, the end of the word as we know it? you guessed it, $1.00.

Some important academic professional, will surely lecture me and say the economics of this is unsustainable. That these wonderful man, are in fact inept and their business decisions are that of a toddler at a lemonade stand.

I say no. I say we call these men what they are. Pioneers. To hell with Milton Friedman. Screw the bretton woods project. I say this is the start of something grander in this Hunger Games we call life. These men are Jennifer Lawrence, firing the arrow of hope across the districts, signaling, we are here and we are staying.

Over the last year and a half. Consumers have suffered under destructive inflation. a pandemic with more diversity than a large companies c-suite room and the dying gasp of air Netflix has displayed as it’s recent catalogue.

It’s clear that the economies of the world are struggling. and their brilliant IV league solution was to print more money. I mean, what choice did the government have? people were struggling, business were closed, jobs were loss. A lifeline needed to be released in the form of fat stacks.

This life-line did not come without it’s questions and concerns. The devaluing of the cash currently in the hands of those in certain tax brackets and the rise in cost of everyday consumer goods put an invariable squeeze on the life of the modern person. All because the solution was creating a new problem not solving an old one.

How do we save the modern economics without undermining our stock of cash.

I’m not an economist or historian so read this:

and when you get a chance:

TLDR; Nixon had removed the dollar off the gold standard. Prior to this change in order for most modern economies to function unilaterally, they required a standard price of an object (gold in this case) to accurately price their economies (in a sense). Conducting international trade would be extremely difficult if not for this method. However; some league of doom like, shadow-figures (I think we think of them as lizards) decided to rewrite the game to allow for the US dollar to become the de-facto fiat currency in the world.

Referring to the list of charts in the link provided above. You see this has had disastrous effects on the working class through-out the globe.

This was the first instance of shunting responsibility, another method to solve problems. the first method was to solve problem via new problem someone believes is more manageable than the first problem ie. Printing money vs making others money worse.

My solution is simple.

Make Arizona Ice-Tea the New fiat currency. What is it backed by? that iconic 99 cents label on the can itself.

It is the most price stable commodity that this world has seen since gold. The can itself, is imune to fluctuations in the market. Supply and demand? it’s just stronger than that. There are rampant supply chain issues right now, shortage of microchips, shortage of foods basic supplies and the likes. However, there is no shortage of Arizona cans. Have you every seen the store out of stock of Arizona? never.

It is the most consistent economic measure imaginable.