The Business of Ethical Hacking: Trishneet Arora’s TAC Security


TAC Security, as they have so claimed. is the very first Indian cyber-security firm to work with international law enforcement agencies on standards and policies. The firm also provides services to India’s National Payments Corporation (NPCI). It evaluates weaknesses throughout all UPI-based apps as well as numerous banks.

This innovation protects businesses from security breaches and information theft, as well as provides training programmes for cybersecurity. His organisation responsibly hacks into computers, breaching security systems to uncover software flaws that may then be remedied.

Bharti Airtel, National Payments Corporation of India, Reliance Industries, HDFC, Punjab and Gujarat police forces, and the CBI are among the Fortune 500 firms and law enforcement organisations that the company services today.

It’s fascinating to learn how the firm came to be. The founder, Trishneet Arora, is a well-known entrepreneur and ethical hacker . Trishneet learned the technique of how to hack ethically as a teen after dropping out. He even published a book about it called “The Hacking Era.”

Following that, he began working with the Indian police investigating cyber-crime scenarios, and the Punjab police asked him to deliver a training course on cyber-crime investigations, analysis, and forensics.

TAC Security is one-of-a-kind, innovative, and extremely beneficial. The method has been invaluable, especially during a pandemic when most of our work has been remote and through the internet. ESOF (Enterprise Security on One Framework), an AI-based risk management system, is a one-of-a-kind interface that employs AI-based algorithms to detect weaknesses and deliver strong security insight and remedies.

The portal is also designed to be a knowledge-sharing tool for the smooth exchange of best security practices

Trishneet Arora was the youngest person on Fortune India’s 40 under 40 list, India’s Brightest Business Minds, in 2021. For the second year running, he was named to Great Managers Institute’s “Top 100 Great People Managers list” in collaboration with Forbes.

Trishneet Arora was admitted into the Forbes Business Council in 2022, an invitation-only group for prominent business entrepreneurs.

TAC has been successful, and shown the possibilities for AI-based security systems as well as ethical hacking.