The Art of Management: Why It Takes Patience to Get What you Want.


You are what you can manage. Some people are millionaires because they can manage millions of dollars. While some people are thousandaires, if that’s a word, where they can only manage a few thousand dollars. And others are penniaires, yes I made it up, where they can only manage very little.

The point is, money is simply a result of a service provided or a product given. It is simply a receipt of one’s thank you to you. It’s important we work backward and refrain from the question of “How do I get money? To, what would I do with the amount of money I want? What cause would it go to? Would I use it for myself? Or my family? Where would we go?

A lot of people just want a lot of money. “I want a million, billion, or even trillion.” Some may tell me. And then I’d ask, “For what?” And then they’d say stuff like,

“Just to have it for security.”

“To travel.”

“To live somewhere better.”

“To pay my bills.”

There’s nothing wrong with these answers, it’s just not the true source of happiness we think it will bring us. These are by-products of what money can do. It is not what we live for. We need life to have things, not things to have life. And quite frantically, the people that gave me those answers of what they’d do with money, usually never have any.

If you study wealthy people. None of them ever wanted money to travel, live somewhere better, or just to have it. Sure they probably do that now but that’s now what they saw at first. They saw something better than that. They saw a whole new world that could benefit others, not just themselves. They saw solutions when many complained of problems. Their solutions brought them the amount of money that’s directly correlated to the exchange of value they brought to other people’s lives. I mean think of the internet that’s allowing us to communicate with each other right now, think of the iPhone, and all the apps that we can’t live without at this point or at least notice if they’re not making some sort of notification sound throughout our day. Could you imagine writing a letter to your friend that lives across the country? Maybe writing a check to a friend that bought you dinner, that’s right no Venmo, Cash-App, or PayPal!

There was an interview with Jeff Bezos on how Amazon is a trillion-dollar company, yet he owns 10% of it. What about the other 90%? Well, that’s other people’s money. Yep. Amazon has generated 900 billion dollars for other people such as employees, investors, affiliates, and many more.

That’s all because of one man’s willingness to manage his emotions, finances, relationships, and attention to the idea of Amazon. Not just for himself. But for others. Incredible.

It took more than 20 years for Amazon to flourish to where it’s at now. Yet almost every ad I see of a “teacher” that will make you a millionaire if you purchase their “prime membership course” and be a millionaire with their 2-day fulfillment guaranteed. And right when you purchase the course immediately the teacher will be like, “This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.” Really? Because your ad 5 minutes ago just showcased how you made $100k in 30 days. And the fact that you have a timer that just refreshes back to “5 minutes left” every time I click the link to your course clearly shows me how “limited” this course is.

The reason you can’t make money quickly is not that you can’t get it quickly, but because your mind can’t manage that amount of money once it’s received.

Picture an empty 8 oz. glass and fill it up with water. I don’t know about you but I fill it up right before it spills over. Someone who’s trying to get money quickly is like pouring a gallon of water into an 8 oz. glass. And what happens? It spills all over the floor and it dries up, leaving you with an 8 oz. glass of water that you can handle to drink. So it’s important to figure out where the money would go that way your mind can handle a gallon and beyond once it comes to fruition.

My father used to tell me when I was young, “ Money is everything, without it you’re nothing.” For the longest time, my mindset around money was to work to get it. I always questioned it. “Isn’t there more to life than working for money?” Then I thought of schemes to try and make it fast that way I didn’t have to work at jobs I hated. And you know what I did make money fast. Within 45 days I made $20,000 off a real estate wholesale deal. I never made so much in one sitting before. I was making that amount of money after a whole year of work. You can probably guess what happened to it. Yep. It spilled over and I was left with what I can handle. I remembered I got so depressed, felt so defeated, destroyed, and down on myself about it. But without it, I wouldn’t have gotten this lesson in management. To write out and know where everything is being allocated now and set a vision of where more shall be allocated when it comes to fruition. T. Harv Eker explains this well in his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”

I learned after that loss of money what work actually meant afterward. The word “work” in Hebrew actually means “to become” which means that anything we call work that doesn’t get us a step closer to who we really are really just toiling.

I don’t care if you have two jobs, running around all day from 9 am-9 pm. If you’re not becoming who you really are, you’re not hard-working, you’re just hard-toiling. It can only be done in the short term, but after a while, you’ll get drained and worn out. And then, we’ll never get to meet the real you.

So take an account and know where you are allocating your time, money, relationships, and more importantly your attention and manage what you have. If you can manage little, you’ll soon be the manager of much.