The App That Allows You To Catch The Alt Crypto Coins On The Rise!


What are Token Alerts

Rather than promote coins, Token Alerts acts as an information service, serving up unmodified market data in an easily digestible fashion.

See crypto token currently surging in price.

Stop missing out, while protecting your time.

Catches price rises as they start

Quit seeing cost increments after they’ve occurred

Colossal floods in crypto really happen constantly, yet without our innovation, they are hard to recognize before its past the point of no return.

Not at all like most trackers, we test costs and yet again request the coins consistently. Not any more seeing you’ve passed up enormous cost increment that occurred throughout recent hours. All things being equal, get the flood when is it begins working out, in a straightforward organization.

We cover all tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, the top Ethereum tokens, as well as all standard altcoins on Binance.

With this service, you can learn about rapidly growing altcoins. For this, you can learn all the information by clicking on this service right now.

Saves your time and energy

Smart filters and notifications let you get on with other things.

Trying to find real gems in such a crowded market is a full time job.

Sometimes it’s fun and rewarding, but a lot of the time its time exhausting and tiring.

What if you could just set some rules and let a machine go and find you all the best opportunities that hit your trading sweet spot?

That’s exactly what our filters and desktop notifications achieve.

Just set, forget, and stop missing out.

Helps you avoid scams

Built-in tools to give you a safety sense check.

We cover laid out standard altcoins on significant trades, yet we likewise cover DeFi tokens for those insane returns.

Be that as it may, since you’re into high gamble, high award… imagine a scenario where we could turn down the gamble, even only a bit of spot.

Token Alerts gives a ‘Wellbeing Check’ include against each token, that does some essential sense checks to guarantee the token is genuine.

Trust and Safety

DeFi investing can be high reward, but it comes with very high risk. All tokens experience fast price drops, and some will be scams. You should be open to losing all the money you invest in tokens.

Token Alerts is an information service, not investment advice. All trades are made at your own risk.

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