Terra Luna 2.0 🤣 (Network launch 27th of May?)


17th May
Terra Luna 2.0 🤣 (Network launch 27th of May?) ⛔Bitcoin is on its way to making a new record!

🚨Terra is more than $UST🍴
Do Kwon, CEO & FOund of Terraform Labs has taken to Twitter to share Reviva Plan 2 . Details here https://bit.ly/3Ln0WsO. Some important info on Token Distribution & more. If he does pull this off he truly will be the “Master of Stable Coin” Wish the project nothing but the best. His series of Twitter threads also has great info https://bit.ly/3Ln0WsO If everything goes according to the new plan Network will be launched on the 27th of May. 🚨This does sound like an extremely Centralized Decision though? Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital has been quiet on Twitter since the 7th of May more info via Bloomberg LP here https://bloom.bg/3Nl0XPq. Hope everyone affected by the downfall of the project is safe and doing all right. CNBC states that $3 billion in bitcoin was sold in a last-ditch attempt to save UST stablecoin from collapse by The Lunar Foundation More info here https://cnb.cx/3NhBRRr

India- Finally a Brilliant Move
The Securities And Exchange Board Of India proposed banning public figures, including celebrities and sportsmen, from advertising and endorsing crypto products. Bitcoin.com article here https://bit.ly/3Ptc7Dy An excellent decision as Celebrities, High Net Worth Individuals, benefit the most by manipulating the Demand for crypto ( as the supply is fixed, by creating demand for their existing holdings & worth in crypto increases). Check out our slides via Medium from the 10th of May https://bit.ly/3yFs8As here is where we discuss how existing Bitcoin & Early adopters, Celebrities, YouTube influencers manipulate Demand vs Supply for their own gain (slides, 7,8 & 9)

Inflows of $$$ to #Bitcoin 🐂
Record Outflow of #Ethereum 🐂

Bitcoin inflows totalling US$299m last week, because of the sharp decline in price? Could this mean investors are relying heavily on Bitcoin & its strong fundamentals CoinShares article on Medium has some interesting information here https://bit.ly/3yHZWNj Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant also tweeted that Institutional investors are buying $BTC via market makers right now. His tweet here https://bit.ly/39uzb4j

Ethereum also had a record Outflow from exchanges to their own wallets ( #HODL) which are almost double Crypto RUs a brilliant channel on YouTube has an excellent explanation on this watch the video here https://bit.ly/39uzb4j info at 07:39 mins.

📛Bitcoin is on its way to making a new record! (Bad one). In the history of Bitcoin, it has never had 7 consecutive weeks of losses. According to Bitstamp previous six-week record took place in 2014, when Bitcoin dropped from $507 on August 25 to $323 on October 6

👹 The current Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index is at 8 Extreme Fear.
🎤As we always say Bitcoin price predictions are 100% right, 50% of the time

Two UAE news (Check slides)

For slides click here: https://bit.ly/3FTeLyn

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