Ten Events That Could Trigger a Stock Market Crash in 2022


2. Snowpocalypse

All that is necessary to extinguish the human race is for winter to blow a little colder, a little longer.

No, I’m not talking about a Day After Tomorrow situation.

More of a Texas energy fiasco, which left 4.5 million without power and water, cost tens of billions, left thousands with crippling debt, and saw more than 200 people (including a baby) freeze to death.

Anti-human corporations rarely let a good crisis go to waste, and several energy companies made billions off the two-week emergency, with some companies jacking prices 180X. (I’m of the opinion that corporatists should go to prison for putting profit over people, but “the free market is always right,” remember?)

Don’t pretend this can’t and won’t happen again.

In fact, natural gas prices in Europe have already spiked 10+X this winter and the heavy snow hasn’t even arrived yet.

It’s the same for New England.

With all the accidental and purposeful supply chain shortages — and, let’s be honest, corporations price-testing consumers who’ve been saving for the past year — if we have a particularly cold or long winter, it could be economically disastrous for millions of people.

The problems are many and obvious: Most houses are poorly insulated and bleed heat; they don’t have woodstoves; they don’t have grid-independent backup generators; they don’t provide occupants with a way to survive without reliance on faraway fossil fuel corporations. That’s the whole point.

If winter hits hard and long and the cost of heating spikes 100+X for the duration, millions of people will be forced into bankruptcy, which will almost certainly crash the stock market.