Swapnex: Earn $100 day. Get started in 5mins.


I love passive revenue streams and today I will share with you how to get USD$100 PER DAY with an underlying investment of $4300.

The platform is called SwapNex and its daily returns have been astounding up till this point.

My underlying capital was $382
Daily withdrawals are around $9 (Without compounding)

$9/$382 * 100= 2.35% return each day!

This means that $4300 initial investment will yield $100/day!

But first, let’s re-visit SwapNex from the beginning…

What is SwapNex?

SwapNex is an “Arbitrage Trading” platform where investors can perform manual or auto arbitrage opportunities.

Arbitrage in essence, is to take a “risk-free” trade. There are many different types of arbitrages. To name a few, there are Triangular, Statistical and Cross-Exchange arbitrages. SwapNex presents Cross-Exchange arbitrage opportunities. Simply put, to buy a Bitcoin/ETH/… on Coinbase for cheaper and to sell it on FTX for a higher price — all executed simultaneously.

Getting Started

Visit this link to register. The process is fairly straight forward. After which, proceed to “Wallet” and choose the coin that you wish to deposit. As you can see, i have decided to go with USDT as it is the main pair on this platform.


Once you have funded the account, head over to “Trading”. Click on “Auto-Mode”.

Here, you will have the option to lock-up the initial investment for a period of x days. The higher the lock-up period, the more automated trades per day, the higher % returns per day. With my initial investment of $382, the highest I could go was 90 days which gives me 4 automated trades. Choose the pair that you are wanting to arbitrage between. With the example above, the pair chosen is USDT/BTC/USDT. Proceed to “Create Order” and you are done! Sit back and relax!

Manual Trading

“Manual Mode” on the other hand, does not lock-up your investment. If you wish to have flexibility, you might choose this plan instead. However, my opinion is that you will already be locking up your money into this platform (indefinitely) to continuously conduct manual trades.

With Manual Trading, we are able to select the exchanges to arbitrage between. This means that we can control our daily % return. For this example below, we found an opportunity with 0.68% return between Huobi and Binance.

The major downside of Manual Trading is the Tier of your current Plan. As a free user, we can only manually trade once per day. The highest amount of manual trade maxes out at 4 with the premium of $1,500 payable for the upgrade — “Professional Plan”. You might remember from earlier that 4 trades is equivalent to locking up the funds for 90 days.


For me, Auto Mode will always be better than Manual Mode. This is because of the number of trades executable per day. You will also have to pay a premium for Manual Mode which will negate a portion of the daily returns. It also has a cap of 4 trades/day as compared to 8 trades/day (Auto Mode). Only choose Manual Mode if you are someone who wants flexibility and intends to withdrawal everything after a set amount of time.

My Strategy

I have locked up my funds for 90 days which is the max i could go with my investment. My advise is to lock up for the longest time so that you get the most trades per day. I will also be withdrawing daily to mitigate time-risk, and to get back my initial investment as fast as possible. Only then, will Iconsider to compound.

I expect to get back my initial investment on Day 40 of investment.

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Always invest only what you can lose!

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