Swaap Monthly Summary — April


Gm Swaapers! ☀️ As the weather gets hotter and brighter, so does Swaap. Throughout the past month, we focused on developing and animating our vibrant community. 🤩 Let’s have a look at some of the cool stuff we achieved together!

Logo reveal: Over the past few weeks, we worked hard with a design agency to pull out a brand new design for Swaap. We wanted something that better fits our identity of building a strong value proposition in DeFi, while keeping original concepts such as the Whale. 🐳

To make things even more exciting, we launched a little drawing contest! This will give you the opportunity to win USDC, and be noticed in the Swaap community. Participate before Monday, May 9th! You can find all relevant information here: https://twitter.com/SwaapFinance/status/1521104481060012035?s=20&t=l98QgKpDfk_DP_F1Jmr55w

AMM v Order Book 🤖⚡️📖: Many community members ask us: “Are you yet another AMM? What is your value-added?”. It’s a legitimate query. Swaap solves an important yet complex problem. It can be hard to grasp without prior DeFi knowledge! That’s why we regularly produce new, explanatory content. This month, we thought: “Why not summarise the history of trading (off-chain, then on-chain) to highlight the differences and show what Swaap is bringing to the table?”.

Thus on April 15, we published AMM vs Order Book. It’s a three-episode saga, and the first two are already out! Check them out: https://medium.com/@swaapfinance/amm-vs-order-book-part-1-3-fe803650d2d2

Baking fresh roles 🧑‍🍳: As our launch on mainnet is approaching, we want everyone to know and be as excited as we are! Therefore, we created two roles aimed at spreading information and strengthening the Swaap community.

  • Multiplieers are promoters of Swaap. They are recognized members of our community who generate awareness around Swaap, by producing / sharing content or by providing leads for partnerships with other communities. 🤝
  • Magnifieers are the gardeners of our community. They create meaningful discussions on the Discord server, and help other Swaapers learn about the specifics of the protocol, for instance by producing content.

Meeting real people: The Swaap was delighted to participate in its first crypto conferences. We kicked off the month with the Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 13–14. Here is a quick debrief: https://twitter.com/SwaapFinance/status/1515010407991320587?s=20&t=l98QgKpDfk_DP_F1Jmr55w.

Our founder Cyrille Pastour then headed to Devconnect Amsterdam, a more technical conference where he animated a pannel around security for DEX! By the way, he will also be at Blocksplit on May 23–25 to talk about Impermanent Loss.

PBWS at the magnificent Palais Brogniart, in Paris ❤

The audit process, which we are conducting with two top-notch firms (Chainsecurity and Runtime Verification), is progressing very well. We will update you soon when the process will be over!