Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate Are All Wildly Overpriced — So What Should We Invest in Right Now?


3. Invest in yourself

There are three ways you can attack this investment:

The first is to upgrade your education, get trained in a new skill set, find yourself a mentor, and start a sole proprietorship.

The second option is to invest in your community — IE, start a family business, co-operative, community-owned company, not-for-profit, for-benefit, or partnership with one or more competent entrepreneurs with complementary skill sets.

Together, build a truly great company that has zero debt, great cash flows, and large reserves so you can expand during a crash.

Do you know what we desperately need right now?

  • Local, sustainable, organic food producers.
  • Local, sustainable, organic hemp clothing manufacturers.
  • Geothermal, mini-wind turbine, and micro-hydro installers.
  • House renovators to transform aging units into ultra-efficient eco-homes.
  • Builders of owner-occupier-only houses, neighborhoods, and cities. (We need to build 750+ million houses in the next 28 years or three billion people will be living in slums in our lifetime.)
  • Experienced political operatives to fundraise and start new, pro-democracy, pro-sustainability, anti-corporate political parties.

Thirdly, investors can seek and acquire an already-established profit-producing small business that can survive a crash in the next 3–5 years. With so many Boomers retiring every single day, there are literally millions of opportunities to take over car mechanics, barbershops, restaurants, bakeries, greenhouses, and more. Many of them will even be willing to hold part of the loan.

The reality is that we need a generation to build companies that give instead of take, that contribute instead of extract, that cement communal stability instead of undermining its foundations.

Sadly, instead of living in a contribution economy, we now live in an extraction economy, where the wealthiest in society are those who contribute the very least — bankers, land-lorders, insurance brokers, corporate insiders, middle-man monopolists like Airbnb and Amazon and Uber, crypto speculators, Millennial grifters on Robinhood, and the elite shareholders who wield their capital advantage to siphon wealth away from the real builders of civilization. This is what happens when you let rent-seekers take over the global economy.

To turn things around, we must patently reject the powerful temptation to make any investment that profits from extraction.