Staying at the optimum level in ARKfi


ARKfi offers 2% daily yield in the the ROI Dapp (Vault) but can you just sit back and drain the system? NO certainly not, to stay at the optimum 2% a day there are one of two actions you must take after ruffly 2-3 months, which are either to deposit fresh capital or get a refferal. Why is that a great thing for every investor involved? The name of the game is sustainability.

ARK rewards people who work hard and bring new investors into the ecosystem or who are adding fresh capital by keeping them at the 2% a day so that the liquidity continues to grow. Everyone who enters starts at 2% so all have a chance to ROI quickly then if you don't want to do any work you'd drop down to 1% which is still a great win but throttles the drain on the system.

Net Deposit Value (NDV)

To receive 2% daily rewards on your principal balance, the account must have a positive Net Deposit Value (NDV).
NDV = (Post Tax Deposits + Direct/Indirect Referral Rewards)
– Post Tax Withdrawals

If the result is POSITIVE, you will receive 2% daily.
If the result is NEGATIVE, you will receive 1% daily.

Pump & Dump Throttling

Investors are encouraged to follow a balanced approach to compounding, withdrawing and selling.

Compound:Withdraw Ratio (CWR)

To stabilize the Ark Vault and token price, users are encouraged to compound and withdraw in a balanced manner. Excessive actions are discouraged by setting compounding and withdrawal limits. This helps lessen sell pressure when max payout is approached.

CWR Limits

CWR Lower Limit = 0.75

If your CWR falls below 0.75 (lower limit), your daily reward will drop to 0.5% and remain there for perpetuity and cannot be recovered.

CWR Upper Limit = 1.5

Unless you hold a Legacy NFT, your CWR cannot exceed 1.5 (upper limit). If the upper limit is exceeded, compounds are suspended until a withdrawal or airdrop is performed

Dump Tax

To prevent $ARK tokens from being dumped on the market and to encourage holders to deposit them into the Ark Vault, $ARK tokens held in wallets that have zero deposits in the Ark Vault will have an additional 50% sales tax (63% total sales tax).

$ARK Sell Cap

To reduce price volatility and stress on the Liquidity Controller, every wallet is limited to one sell every 24 hours AND each sell cannot exceed 200 $ARK tokens.
The sell cap is subject to change based on market conditions.

Users are encouraged to sell early and often. It's better for the system and provides a more stable passive income throughout the life cycle of an Ark Vault account

Sustainable Taxation

A sustainable tax system has been developed to maintain rewards and incentivise growth.

A portion of all $ARK transactions go to the Ark Vault to maintain the daily rewards.
A portion of deposits (5%) and compounds (5%) go to upline and round robin referrals to reward those promoting Ark to new investors.
1.5% of buy and sell transactions go to the Legacy NFT rewards pool.
1.5% of buy and sell transactions go to the Ark Treasury to support ecosystem growth.
2% of buy transactions go to the Liquidity Controller for price stability.

Refferal Rewards

An Ark team is known as a “Syndicate” and team-building is encouraged by rewarding leaders with both direct and indirect referral rewards. Rewards are paid directly into the account Principal Balance and added to your NDV balance to help maintain a 2% daily ROI.

Deposit Rewards
5% of all deposits from direct referrals (level 1) get paid to the direct upline wallet
If the direct upline wallet doesn’t qualify for referral rewards, the 5% deposit reward goes to the Ark Vault (tax vault)

Compound Rewards
5% of compounds enter a Round Robin system, paying 15 levels upline before resetting
Disqualified levels are skipped
The Guardian Wallet is the highest occupied level
Unoccupied levels above the Guardian Wallet forfeit the 5% to the Guardian Wallet

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