Staking Partner Announcement: Fox Finance


Dear community,

It is our absolute pleasure to announce our next staking partner!🤝🏼🤝🏼

Fox Finance!

Stake your FOX today at and go to “Partners” Tab👍🏼

If you need help using our Staking Platform, come to our Telegram and admins will get you sorted 👍🏼

  • About Fox Finance
  • Fox Finance Tokenomics
  • Social Links
  • Staking Pool

🔸About Fox Finance🔸

Fox Finance is a project token that is looking to utilize the new technological advances in blockchain technology implementing NFT technology and gaming.

It is also an animal loving project with various activities promoted to add to the betterment of nature and animals. The ‘’Fox in Action’’ events garner enthusiasts that like to be rewarded for their charity work.

As Fox moves forward they are looking to develop themselves as a long-term project with the aspiration to do good in the world and to provide their holders with a stable increase in value.

🔸Fox Finance Tokenomics🔸

4% Reflections
1% to liquidity
1% to growth fund wallet
1% to charity wallet
1% to marketing wallet
1% to team and development wallet

CONTRACT: 0x16a7460B9246AE508f18e87bDa4e5B4C1AE8F112

🔸Social Links🔸


🔸Staking Pool🔸

For this partnership we will create the following pools:

Stake Yummy → Earn FoxV2
Stake FoxV2 → Earn Yummy

Note: image does not represent realistic APR

There are no enter/exit fees in the pools. Both tokens have tokenomics tax so compounding is taxed (Sell & Buy).

The staking pools will have a duration time of 60 days.

Just like with our previous staking partners ORE and EverRise, the NFT boosting will be in function when the pools launch. The full protocol is not fully finalized yet but we will be able to start offering boosts. Initially it will be airdrops instead of Self TX, because the fees of the self TX are still too high. Keep in mind that only the Yummy pool is boosted (Stake Yummy → Earn FoxV2).

The boosted rewards will always be paid in Yummy tokens. Because the full protocol isn’t finished like mentioned we will airdrop rewards biweekly. So whatever you harvest during those 2 weeks will be picked up by the crawler and you get equivalent $$ in Yummy (price averaged over 72hr moving average). Also make sure to NOT move NFT’s in your wallet during staking in this pool, worst case scenario is you don’t get the rewards. We will aim to fully finalize the NFT boosting protocol so it functions properly like promised 👍🏼

Click on the following link for direct access to the staking platform,

Let this mark the beginning of a long lasting partnership with Fox. Will it only be staking?👀

As always, stay tuned for more updates on our Medium page 👍🏼👍🏼


Team Yummy!

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