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  2. Why would they give you leverage if they can’t use these client-protected funds as collateral?
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At some point of your financial freedom journey, you’ll start diversifying your portfolio into investments with lower risks and more sustainable returns that have proven to last a longer period of time so that they may become passive income streams that work for you instead of the constant worry that they’ll disappear overnight.

Freeway has taken root in my portfolio as one of these investments with greater sustainability and lowered returns of up to 43% annually.

“Lower Returns” is also subjective.

We are so numb to seeing these projects promising 100,000% APYs that shine brightly for a short couple of weeks, before burning out from either inflation or failure to generate enough revenue to keep up with the ponzinomics. However if you compare to the returns of the rest of the financial world, annual returns of up to 43% are absolutely phenomenal.

Introducing FREEWAY

Freeway is on a mission to make finance more rewarding for everyone. By harnessing the power of people and blockchain, and cutting out unnecessary fees.

Freeway offers some of the highest rewards available anywhere in crypto. With Superchargers denominated in your favorite crypto and fiat currencies, you can earn up to a massive 43% annually.

All rewards are issued daily and added automatically to your Supercharger balance. Just log in, relax and watch the daily rewards stack up.


The Freeway Superchargers are basically virtual simulation tokens of the underlying asset exchanged at a 1:1 rate, which users can buy by staking their crypto or fiat deposits, earning them rewards in the form of these simulants, which are then exchanged back to the underlying asset to cash out.

How To Earn 43% Annual Rewards

It’s simple to earn the maximum 43% rewards with Freeway Superchargers

Just want the base 20% rewards? No problem, simply buy your Supercharger and watch the rewards add up. Want to boost your rewards to the max 43%? Just follow these simple steps below.

  • 20% Annual rewards

Simply buy your Supercharger to start earning 20% annual rewards.

  • +10%

Choose the max 30-day notice period for selling your Supercharger for an extra 10%.

  • +10%

Hold Freeway Tokens (FWT) on Freeway worth over 5% of your Supercharger balance for an extra 10%.

  • +3%

Sign up for the weekly newsletter to earn an extra 3%.

More opportunities to earn rewards based on your platform activity score are coming soon, with annual rewards increasing to +10%.

Up to 43% annual rewards apply to our Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD and EURO Superchargers only. Up to 21.5% annual rewards for Binance Coin, Cardano, Polkadot and Gold Superchargers.

The Team & Leadership

The team and advisors come from many top financial and tech institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Fidelity, Credit Suisse, Google, HSBC and Prudential. With many from humble origins too — a team of more than 50 people.

You can see many of the team on Linkedin.

Funds held in Fully Regulated Brokerage Accounts

Freeway Supercharger funds are all held in EU-regulated brokerage accounts.

Currently, the Superchargers themselves are unregulated as they are simulants — Freeway does not hold any funds.

Supercharger funds go into Freeway’s own AuBit Prime brokerage account and so these funds are protected at an EU-regulated broker level which is more strict than in the US.

The Superchargers are virtual simulation tokens so if the Freeway platform ever got hacked, nothing of value can be stolen apart from data.

The EU-regulated Freeway Prime Brokerage and it’s client funds are subject to very strict regulation. It does not lend, trade or risk deposits.

So how does Freeway afford to payout the 43% APY?

Currently, Freeway deposit your funds safely in their regulated brokerage accounts. The funds are held in separate accounts (a process called “Client Funds Segregation” and accounts known as “Client’s Funds Accounts”) and cannot be used by Freeway for any purpose, other than if a client asks for a withdrawal.

Freeway can then borrow against these funds and and leverage it’s own quant trading strategies to generate profit, similar to the elitist Medallion quant trading fund, that has averaged around 70% per year over the past 30 years.

Being ‘social finance’, Freeway then distribute the majority of these profits to users, with most of the remainder going to operations. In addition, 80% of product-related transaction fees (trading) are redistributed to all holders in the platform.

How does Freeway make money?

Basically, the more funds of ours they hold (in safe, regulated, segregated accounts), the more credible and credit-worthy Freeway becomes.

Which means they can borrow more and trade with more funds, thereby earning more revenue.

More deposits = more credible = more leverage = more revenue generated.

As Freeway develops to offer more services and banking, there will be additional revenue streams.

Why would they give you leverage if they can’t use these client-protected funds as collateral?

“It is not about the lender so much as the regulation.
Brokerages can provide leverage and the more deposits, the more leverage.
The actual credit comes from liquidity providers that know the traders involved and provide it because of track records.
You need both the credit facility and the strength of un-risked deposits to get more leverage to actually do it in a compliant fashion.
Sure you could go somewhere exotic but we have worked very hard to get regulated in the EU and not somewhere exotic to do this for the long term.”

-Graham Doggart, Co-CEO Freeway

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