Staking Announcement: World Cup Gladiator Pools


Dear Yummy community,

Since we launched the Gladiator Pools, we have been using them primarily in a price prediction game for several crypto currencies. The Gladiator Pools provide us much flexibility and freedom to incorporate different mechanics and events.

The FIFA World Cup single match elimination round is just about to kick-off and with only 16 countries left we have decided to include this event!

So, it is our absolute pleasure to introduce the newest Gladiator Pools:

World Cup Gladiator Pools

The rules of this event are as follow:

  1. Each country (16 in total) will have its own staking pool on the Gladiator page.
  2. The winning pool is guaranteed a minimum staking reward of 1 billion YUMMY tokens🔥
  3. In addition to 1B staking rewards, we will randomly choose one single participant of the winning pool to receive an additional 250,000,000 YUMMY (min entry 25,000,000 YUMMY)🔥
  4. If a team loses their respective match the pool will be whitelisted, and you are able to remove your funds but without any accrued rewards.
  5. 1 billion YUMMY is the minimum guaranteed staking reward but the pool yields will be adjusted to reflect the entire participation. For example, if a total of 20 billion are staked across all pools, then the minimum guaranteed becomes 1.8 billion (9% of 20 billion).
  6. 20% Of the total rewards will be burned.
  7. Contracts and front end will go live around 7pm EST (Dec 2nd, 2022) and rewards will start around 10am EST (Dec 3rd, 2022, at time of the first match).

To go directly to the staking platform, click this LINK.

Note: Switzerland and South Korea is also included.

If you need help using our Staking Platform or have any questions about the ‘’Gladiator Pools’’ please visit the Yummy Telegram and ask the admins. 👍🏼

Enjoy the excitement of the Yummy Gladiator Pools and enjoy the finals while we burn more $YUMMY🔥🔥

Stay tuned for more updates.


Team Yummy


Disclaimer: Gladiator Pools come with a higher risk of losses due to their gaming nature. The Yummy team members, management, owners and the overall project are not responsible for any losses incurred. Please understand and read all rules before entering a gladiator pool. It is up to the individual investor to manage their investment and risk. Please play responsibly.


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