Staking Announcement: 90 Day Vault


Dearest Yummy community,

It is our absolute pleasure to bring you the new ‘’90 Day Vault.’’ 🎉

This 90 day vault will have a tax free entry — exit — harvest period during its first 5 days. This gives the early entries a unique opportunity to compound their rewards and gain a competitive edge over the investors that join the vault later.

The vault will include staking Yummy, earning Yummy and by design, the vault will have a higher base APR in comparison to the Yummy-Yummy Pool.

This vault is not fully locked and users will have the ability to enter, exit, and harvest during its running time with taxation penalties only after the first 5 days.

Please read and understand the following rules before entering the 90 day vault

  • The vault has a running time of 90 days from the initial reward block. This means that rewards will start at the same time for everyone and not individually upon entry. (Please see announcement in the Yummy Telegram for reward block starting time).
  • Entrance tax of 9% (during the first 5 days this tax will be waived).
  • Early Exit tax of 9% (during the first 5 days this tax will be waived).
  • Harvesting rewards has a tax of 9% (during the first 5 days this tax will be waived).
  • Paid taxes will be going to the vaults reward pool.

After 90 days the vault ends and the contract becomes whitelisted giving users the ability to remove their principal and rewards tax free at that time.

To go directly to the staking platform click this LINK.

For a full tutorial on how to use our staking platform, please look into this tutorial.

If you need help using our Staking Platform, come to our Telegram and the admins will get you sorted. 👍🏼

Enjoy the new 90 day vault. If you need help using the Yummy staking platform or have any questions please visit the Yummy telegram and ask the admins. 👍🏼👍🏼


Team Yummy

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