Spellfire Is Gaining Momentum! ⚡️


Spellfire Re-Master the Magic introduces over 600 new cards to the much-loved franchise. Players live and die by the cards in their deck and we’re incredibly proud of the wide-ranging themes covered in our debut set of cards.

From a diverse range of realms to a fearsome cast of creatures, each type of card is associated with one of our magical worlds. We’re still hard at work adding the final touches to the Prime Edition and we can’t wait to share the next phase of Spellfire with you soon.

The vast majority of our Prime Edition cards have already been completed and are slowly becoming available for fans to view on www.spellfire.com. There are still plenty more in development and whilst they have completed gameplay mechanics, interactive abilities, and six levels of potential upgrades, what they don’t have is artwork!

For our development team, this is one of the most exciting parts. When a card’s function has been completed, it’s sent off to our art team. Our artists are given free rein to design a unique look and feel for each of their creations. Before they begin work they are provided with the card’s gameplay mechanics and lore details. These two factors are essential in helping to shape the style of artwork that they will create.

Some of our most popular cards include Suingu the Necromancer, Fire Wyvern, and The Portal.

All of our cards will soon be available for purchase on our new Marketplace. And another great thing is that the payment methods will include $SPELLFIRE tokens!

And last but not the least — there is a huge surprise waiting for our new players! Hint: deck building.

Keep an eye on our news by joining our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities — great things are coming!

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