$SPELLFIRE ERC Staking Is Live!


Ethereum staking is now LIVE on: https://staking.spellfire.com/

Stake your $SPELLFIRE and earn up to 75% APY!


3 Months — 15% APY (1 million limit)

6 Months — 35% APY (1,5 million limit)

12 Months — 75% APY (3 million limit)

Each pool is open for one month only!

Remember — your tokens will be LOCKED in for the whole duration of the pool.

Staking Guide:

To stake your tokens you must have Metamask installed and $SPELLFIRE in your wallet.

Visit: https://staking.spellfire.com/

Connect your wallet.

Enter the amount of $SPELLFIRE you want to stake.

Select the pool you want to stake in.

15% Pool: 1 million limit

35% Pool: 1,5 million limit

75% Pool: 3 million limit)

Press LOCK and confirm Metamask’s approval request. It will take a few moments for the request to be approved.

Once it has been confirmed click STAKE.

Wait for the transaction to go through and then press SHIFT + F5 to force refresh the website. Your balance will now appear.

Congratulations, you have just staked your $SPELLFIRE tokens!

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Stake your $SPELLFIRE and earn up to 75% APY!