SolarFarm: $100/day on $700 investment!


If you are reading this, you know that we are the same. We love passive revenue streams! In this article, I will show you my most favourite method on getting you $100 PER DAY. This time, with an initial investment of $700.

The platform is called SolarFarm and it boasts the highest return I have seen so far — up to 14.28% or more.

My initial investment was $300
At the beginning, withdrawals were 0.11BNB/day ($43 pre-crypto crash a few days back)

$43/$300 * 100= 14.33% return every day! THAT IS INSANE!

This implies that a $700 initial investment could give $100/day if BNB rewards stayed the same.

What is SolarFarm?

SolarFarm is a “BNB miner” which gives you daily rewards in BNB. We start by using BNB to purchase Solar Panels. These panels will generate Power which are equivalent to BNB. You can either collect the BNB rewards straight up or to compound.

Getting Started

Visit this link to get started. You don’t even need to register. You just need to have a wallet ready. Upon connecting, have some BNB ready to “Build Panels”. Once you own some panels, they will start to generate Power for you without doing anything.

You will only need to decide to compound or not. If you are not risk-adverse like me, and decide to compound, you can play with the calculator below. Here, the initial investment is 2 BNB. If you were to click on “Compound Rewards” every hour for 30 days without withdrawing, look at what happens.

141.4744 BNB profit on 2 BNB investment. The power of this platform. The power of compounding.

My Strategy

Till date, I have invested $618. If you read my article on an alternate investment (SwapNex), my strategy stays the same. I will be withdrawing daily to mitigate time-risk, and to get back my initial investment as fast as possible. Only then, will I consider to compound.

I expect to get back my initial investment on Day 10 of investment.

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Always invest only what you can lose!

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