sNSBT_TCI Liquidity Pool on PuzzleSwap!

  1. sNSBT_TCI key features:

We are pleased to announce that The Heraclitus Project has partnered with PuzzleSwap, a decentralized exchange of a newer generation. The first step to our partnership is the sNSBT_TCI Mega Pool!

If you are new to TCI and haven’t heard of Tokenized Compound Interest yet, here are some key features of our first derivative:

sNSBT_TCI key features:

  • It can only be minted using the underlying asset, sNSBT.
  • Incorporates the profit from sNSBT into its value.
  • Yes, the token holds the value of the base asset + accumulated profit.
  • It can be freely traded without staking or other restrictions.
  • It automatically accumulates interest in a smart contract.
  • Circulating supply always corresponds to demand.
  • This type of asset is also known as Yield Bearing Token.
  • It was released on May 3rd, 2022.
  • It will have a smart contract swap option in the future.
  • You can read more about TCI and The Heraclitus Project here.

Now you are free to add liquidity to the Puzzle Swap and start generating even higher returns on your sNSBT_TCI assets.

Mega Pool Composition:
sNSBT 10%
The option in the single token deposit is in USDN

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We’re glad to have you with us!