SkyLaunch x Liberty Airdrop is Over


Hello SkyLaunch community! Following the announcement of Liberty Gaming becoming the sister company of SkyLaunch, we felt it only right to share this joyous moment with our communities through a dual-token airdrop. As of last week, the airdrop has been completed, and what a success it was! We really couldn’t have hoped for a better response, so thank you!

First and foremost, we’d like to offer our enormous gratitude to the respective SkyLaunch and Liberty communities for their efforts and hard work during this airdrop campaign. The commitment, loyalty and belief in our projects you have all shown is simply extraordinary. A project’s community is its beating heart, we simply wouldn’t exist without you, and you’ve really shown your true colours!

The success of this dual-token airdrop was nothing short of staggering, generating huge levels of exposure and really pushing our names out far and wide across the realms of Web3. We saw an eye-watering 168,902 entries into the airdrop, leaving us all scratching our heads in disbelief!

This has had an enormous impact on the communities of the two projects, with SkyLaunch gaining just over 22,000 new followers across social platforms, and Liberty Gaming gaining almost 40,000. Our very own SkyLaunch COO sends his personal thanks too, with the airdrop turning him into somewhat of a Twitter / crypto influencer, now boasting a huge 7,000 followers on his Twitter account!

As mentioned in the airdrop launch piece, winners will be contacted by email within 14 days after the airdrop has concluded, so check your inboxes! To be on the safe side, make sure to check your spam folder, we don’t want your mail protection system throwing your winnings away for you!

If you have not been contacted by us, then I’m afraid it’s not your lucky day! But not to worry, keep an eye on our channels because there will be many more airdrops and other contests to come!

About SkyLaunch

SkyLaunch is a first in the IDO marketplace; the only platform in this area to offer complete project timeline support, in addition to a number of groundbreaking proprietary tools. We support new projects with an accelerator programme of pre-IDO services, combined with an independent industry leading governance council, as well as a post-IDO alliance support network to nurture and grow new blockchain projects.

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Stay tuned in to our channels for more info regarding our own IDO, allowing us to generate and distribute the SkyLaunch native token; $SKYFI. The token serves a multitude of purposes, including governance capabilities, staking opportunities, liquidity rewards, and allocation mining. The token benefits even extend into discounts on our premium features. For more information, check out our future posts.

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