Six Comics about Work!


We all know a Brad…wouldn’t it be nice to never receive an email from them again?

I am noticeably dumber when it rains. And yet the work deadlines don’t stop. This assumption that my brain power and productivity is constant every day is a real flaw in the 9–5 system. A flaw I’d be very happy to never deal with again!

Doesn’t matter if the last Zoom call was at 10 am or 6 pm, mentally I am DONE. (What I would give to be done with this forever…)

Best feeling ever! Could be every day if you build your wealth now!

Our jobs would be a lot more interesting if we all said what we were really thinking! And that might be another path to early retirement…

Dogs make everything better. So would a 4-day work week. And even better than that, making f-you money and retiring early! Hey, it could happen!

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