Shattered Sols Whitepaper, V1.


Shattered Sols is a rebrand of Masked Warriors. SS has a total supply of 3333 lost souls, with an unannounced mint date.

Their vision is to forever change investment safety, and streamline minting.

The project was founded by;




Automated Minting System

Our Discord centralized Automated Minting System (AMS), will provide a utility that the Solana ecosystem has never seen before. It aims to remove the worry of missing mints, regardless of circumstances. Users will be able to;


  • Verify wallet through a private server that has access to the AMS.
  • Choose the total number of mints they require.
  • Approve their transaction through Discord (may be subject to change).
  • Track news related to upcoming mints
  • View how many people in their server have invested in a project of interest.


  • View success rate when using AMS
  • View total amount in refund’s being sent out in-case of unsuccessful mint.

Users will then receive an airdrop of their NFT, or receive a complete refund minus SPL token fee.


When onboarding a project there will be an initial deposit of 30 Sol, 5 Shattered Sols NFT’s, and 1000 $SHARD. After initial deposit, a “subscription” will start. The monthly fee is; 10 Sol, and 750 $SHARD. (May be subject to change)

When users first use AMS, there will be an initial deposit of 100 $SHARD. This is followed by a Sol fee relative to the amount of Sol to be sent by the user, and 20 $SHARD, per use.

Shattered Sols holders will only have to pay an SPL token fee.

All SPL tokens received from fees will be burned.


Post mint, we will be using GKD’s “Boonties” platform.

It allows the user to access staking, Raid2Earn, and bounties, all on one platform.

More info TBA


In the week following mint, there will be a limited airdrop of 666 “Shattered Murals.”

111 of these Murals will be given to team members, and Masked Warrior whales. 66 will be given away and raffled, while the remaining 65 is added to the treasury.

The Murals have multiple utilities, including (but not limited to);

  • Receiving guaranteed future airdrops
  • Receiving revenue share
  • Can be burned to “Shatter” any NFT they choose
A “Shattered” Okay Bear


Our token, $SHARD, will have a total supply of 475 million.

  • 15% — Project Development
  • 20% — Treasury
  • 30% — Staking and bounties
  • 35% — Liquidity Pool

Staked NFT’s have the ability to earn 6SPL tokens per day, per NFT. This rewards large quantity holders, while creating additional liquidity pool buy pressure.

Our goal is to create a self-sufficient token that rewards holders in more ways than just swapping for Sol by integrating this token into our AMS, unique and gamified raffle systems, and any other future utilities.


We are in talks with numerous other projects about utility and art based partnerships, and are making progress into making those official. These current partnerships are to offer;

  • Utility integrations, development, and collaborations
  • Art collaborations
  • Marketing/Branding
  • A community merger between SS and The Unveiled

More info to be released