Self-Sovereign finance the new norm


Zug, Switzerland — 6 May 2022 — I’m excited to take the role of the CEO of Bonq, a protocol for self sovereign finance lending and collateralized payment token. Bonq’s mission to allow individuals and businesses to borrow against their own digital assets, interest free and without credit check from 3rd parties, matches my values of trust and my vision for self-sovereign finance.

With 2 decades of financial services expertise, spanning from banking, to consumer credit risk, to managing global equity hedge funds (reaching $1billion AUM), I am ready to leverage my financial skills and navigate the hot waters of DeFi. Under my leadership, Bonq will match the sophistication of TradFi services in risk diversification, product offerings and facilitate financial inclusion by removing the bias towards the wealthy that has long shadowed TradFi.

Bonq’s first solution is an on-chain, non-custodial and decentralized borrowing protocol focused on launching and operating a Euro-pegged collateralized payment coin (BEUR). The users will enjoy the absence of recurring interest, ultra-low gas fees and fast transaction processing thanks to the efficiency of the Energy Web blockchain, a 100% renewable energy powered EVM blockchain. The protocol users will be able to use any whitelisted (ERC20) tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, Energy Web Token (EWT), Alliance Block Token (ALBT) and others as collateral and take out loans denominated in BEUR.

This initial Bonq product aligns perfectly with my vision that accessing liquidity of your own assets should be a right and not a privilege. It should not carry any recurring fees and be available to anyone who owns any real or digital assets. I strongly believe that this new blockchain trustless technology combined with innovative business strategies and creative teams can take us to a turning point in history where self-sovereign finance can become a reality.

Join us to make self sovereign finance a reality! Bonq is scheduled for the official launch by Q4 2022 (subject to regulatory approvals), preceded by a limited beta launch in a few months. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Twitter, so you don’t miss our next AMA session.

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