Self Help Books! Do they work?


Self Help Books! Do they work?


In 2019, While in College, I saved an amount of $269.98 which was received from parents and relatives. I was highly elated for my achievement, and shrouded my shoulders with confidence. It wasn’t long when a friend’s birthday dawn, I loved her and wanted to make her feel special, I went into my savings accounts and withdrew $40.497, with which I bought some pizzas’, a brand new wrist watch, and gave $13.499 as a gift for her.

Similarly, I had another guy friend of mine whose birthday came up, without hesitation, I went to my account and withdrew some amount and surprised him too. This continued with all my friends who had their birthdays, I surprised all of them. On my birthday, they all let me down, I received little to no amount from them. I went to my savings account and all my money was gone without me knowing. I did well to save money but I didn’t know how to manage people and the money.

How Self Help Book Aided Me

It dawned on me to learn these skills, because if I don’t, I will leave college without knowing how to manage my finances and people, since these skills are scarcely taught.

A friend recommended to me some finance books and among them was a well Known book named Rich Dad Poor Dad <a target=”_blank” href=”">Rich Dad Poor Dad</a>

This book was a life changer for me, it changed my perspective on handling money and people. By the end of reading Kiyosaki’s book, I was equipped with financial skills and how to manage people. I left college having saved more than my original amount, I lost to friend’s birthday parties.

And so self-help books are great and life changing if only you practice what you learn.

I have another reading list which I recommend you check it out here:

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Do you know of any self-help book that could be beneficial? Share it below.