Seeking a Financial Investor — My Filmmaking Journey


Explore the titles of my future films and meet your greatest investment!

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My Future Films


  • Lover Lover: Confessions of a Cheating Spouse
  • Surviving Rose Tinted Glasses: Narcissist Abuse Survivors Speak Out
  • Cuffed: Exploring the Underground Kink Community
  • Finessed: Unfolding the Corruption Behind Successful Companies
  • Okay, Boss: Tearing Apart the Misogyny of Corporate America


  • Lonely Lovingly: Endless Cycles of Codependency
  • Hate That I Love You: A Spiteful Love Story


  • 88-Missing


  • Pick-Me-Girl: If I can’t have you no one can!
  • Hope Lay Forth: A Utahn Cult Story


  • To The Moon


  • Hooked: Is Daddy Coming Home?
  • Band Aid: This is not the end
  • Lay Down Mama: A Mother’s Silent Sacrifice

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Source: #Taught By Exudexx LLC — YouTube

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