SCAMINA AIRDROP. How to take part?

  1. When are airdrops?
  2. How to add SCAMINA in wallet?
  3. How much do I get?

Brief guidelines

  1. Join into Telegram EN Chat.
  2. Find airdrop notice in the pinned messages.
  3. Fulfill all conditions in the message.
  4. Add address of contract to your wallet (BSC / BEP20): 0x49153E353682D5c37163dBEB22aF0BB81eE073c5
  5. Send your address of wallet and some other needed info to @TomNewYork.

When are airdrops?

There are airdrops begins every 100 subscribers in the Telegram RU Chat (up to a 1000 subscribers). We’ll notice about start of airdrop.

How to add SCAMINA in wallet?

How do I install Metamask and add Scamina token to my wallet:

How much do I get?

The sumas are different in every airdrop, but each one grows larger.


Remember your efforts will be rewarded, because we appreciate the efforts of each who helps us, in this our strength!


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