Saving Freedom and Democracy


On May 15, 2022, Richard Lowenthal posted on Medium an article entitled: “Why are ‘liberals’ so unable to fight the aggressive rise of the Far Right?” In it he asserts: “The bottom line appears to be that conservatives overall are more motivated by fear and desire for certainty, while liberals are guided primarily by empathy and desire for fairness.”

I would assert the truth is even simpler than that: “conservatives” are motivated by selfish interests; and “liberals” are motivated by selfless interests. This isn’t only my observation, but the observations based on research by people much smarter than me.

As I’ve presented in other posts, the very words give-up game on this truth: “conservatives” are people who have something they value, and wish to “conserve” it. “liberals” see something of value, and wish to share it liberally. The most fundamental nature of politics is power. “Power” can be derived from many sources, and manifested in many ways. It is always situational.

For example, a guy walks into a convenience store and pulls a gun. The gun confers upon him power within that situation. Power itself is neither bad nor good. It just is. How it is exercised always has the potential for bad or good.

Key to understanding conservatives is that they are motivated by something they at least believe they HAVE. For example, the “normative American male” (NAM; defined: as white, male, heterosexual, protestant). Has always had the “power” within this country. Yet, not all such persons have had access to that power. Originally, only those who owned property were allowed to vote. Thus originally, one could be a: white, male, heterosexual, protestant (NAM), but still not have the right to exercise the privilege that might otherwise be attendant to such a status. Conservatives by their nature seek to maintain the status quo. So, why would a NAM without property be a conservative? It is because he has ACCESS to the power, through his own devices. If he works hard, and saves his money. He is, based on his status, allowed to ACQUIRE LAND and join those who have the privilege to exercise power. Thus, he may not HAVE the power, but he HAS the means to obtain access. That is what such a person seeks to “conserve” to himself. And in fact, such unpropertied persons were soon joined into the fold of those with POWER (given the privilege to vote).

The vast majority of political conflicts in this country, occurred surrounding the access to privilege. Yet, for nearly 200 years, access to privilege was restricted by “any means necessary,” and advancement of access was only granted when no other choice remained for those who already had the power. It took 145 years for those with the power, to BEGIN to “grant” access to that power to women (half the population; via ratification of the 19th Amendment “extending” the right to vote to women; Passed by Congress June 4, 1919. Ratified August 18, 1920.). And even though, the access was allegedly provided to non-whites with the passage and ratification of the 15th Amendment (Passed by Congress February 26, 1869. Ratified February 3, 1870). It wasn’t until the “Voting Rights Act of 1965” that the promise of the 15th Amendment, BEGAN to be fulfilled. Yet, even now, the “secondary system of power (economics), is deliberately used to PREVENT ACCESS TO POWER, to those who have been historically and are deprived of access to power. Just as the vote was deliberately used to deny access to power in the past (and still is being). Economics is being exercised as power to continue the STATUS QUO of second-class citizenship in regards to women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ persons, et cetera (that is: anybody who is NOT a NAM). This must be rejected, too.

In short, nothing has changed in the almost 200 years AFTER the flowery dictum like:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (Declaration of Independence, 1776)

“[I]n Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” (Preamble of U.S. Constitution, 1787)

Yet, it wasn’t just that these were lies. It was that they were MANIFESTED DELIBERATELY AS LIES. This then set up the long history of confrontations and conflicts: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” (Declaration of Independence).

Given that: those who sought to conserve to themselves, all the privileges and promise of our founding documents, invariably were forced to SHARE in those privileges and promises. They then adapted, so as to create a secondary system. This system allowed them to share in words, but not in fact; those privileges and promises. That secondary system is ECONOMICS.

Have you ever wondered: why is it that corporations and so-called media agencies; can get away with deliberate lying, spreading of hate, and all manner of abuses? The answer is simple. They have the power to avoid responsibility.

We can fix this, simply, easily, and democratically (little “d”). Corporations and organizations, have always hid behind the “veil” of non-liability. That is: they have special rules that apply ONLY TO THEM. That make them “Super-Citizens” and beyond the reach of the law.

You say: WAIT JUST A MINUTE WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS, AND NOBODY IS “ABOVE THE LAW.” Yes, and no. Yes, that’s the theory: we are supposed to be a nation of laws, as such, nobody is “above the law.” Except NO; corporations and organizations are not “nobodies.” In point of fact, they are not even “somebodies.” Contrary to the absurd opinion of the U. S. Supreme Court in the “Citizens’ United” case; corporations are NOT people. They are not a person, and they have no responsibility for their actions. A CEO can lie deliberately to customers, and he is IMMUNE from any responsibility. A corporation, whose CEO lies to customers, is also not responsible for the actions of the CEO.

So, the solution, is simple, AND it honors our country’s principles:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

In short, END the special protections for corporations and their officers. It’s simple equity. If a property owner gets a dog, that he knows or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, is vicious. Then lets the dog run loose. The property owner is liable for the actions of the dog. Period. End of story.

Tucker Carlson is a vicious dog. FOX knows he is a vicious dog, and peddles lies deliberately on his show. They “cover their asses” by claiming, “nobody in their right mind would think what he is saying is the truth, it’s entertainment” (they actually said this in court documents). Yet, just because a vicious dog is entertaining, does NOT mean the owner is not responsible for the damage done by the dog.

So, it’s simple: end ALL SPECIAL LIABILITY PROTECTIONS. The constitution says that the “privileges and immunities” SHALL NOT BE DENIED, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW. It doesn’t say that liability shall be forestalled. If a company is not engaged in actions which create a liability burden, then they will not be harmed by the “piercing of the veil” of this special protection. They would have their right to their day in court, just like all others accused (falsely or rightfully). If they ARE engaged in transactive behaviors that create liability, they should be held accountable within the same system as any other accused. THEY SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN A FREE-PASS TO AVOID THEIR CONDUCT FROM EVER BEING BROUGHT FOR JUDGEMENT. It does NOT matter if it is Fox, or CBS, or 4-chan; regular media or internet media; mainstream media or social media. They all should be held to the same laws and standards; and be liable to A STANDARD. And neither corporate officer, nor shareholders, should have ANY immunity for the consequences.

Unfortunately, our politicians represent corporations and big-money interests. They DO NOT represent the average Joe. They will NOT allow this to happen. They will NOT vote to repeal section 230 of the Communications Act of 1996. They will NOT vote to overturn the Citizens’ United decision through new laws. They will NOT vote to pass a constitutional amendment to end the SPECIAL PRIVILAGES AND IMMUNITIES of corporations or corporate officers and shareholders. They will NOT vote to reform or end “corporate bankruptcies” (the secondary means by which corporations hide from liability for their misdeeds).


Our country was premised upon a lie. However, we do not need to maintain the lie. We have the power to vote at the polls and at the stores. We have the power to reject the status quo, and demand that the words averred in dictum; become the reality in fact. ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS A COMMITMENT TO SEEING AND HONORING THAT WHICH WE HAVE IN COMMON WHILE ACKNOWLEDDGING OUR CULTURAL UNIQUENESSES, RATHER THAN SUCKLING ON THE LIES OF OTHERNESS OF DIFFERENCES.

However, just like in the past, it won’t be easy or without risks. As the horror that was the MURDERS in Buffalo has proven; when those who have the power, feels threatened; they will willingly and openly use violence to maintain that power. This is a MODERN-DAY LYNCHING; advocated by and perpetrated on behalf of vicious dogs like Tucker Carlson. Yet, I am sure FOX will still assert, they have no liability, because NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BELIEVE THESE LIES, IT’S JUST ENTERTAINMENT.

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