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I made this through Canva with no Canva pro. My babes I find ways. HAHA

Hey! This will be my first entry on my first blog. My name is Juliana Lim, and I am a senior high school student. I am a teenager who absolutely loves reading and writing; I love writing plots in my head all day and night.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Oh! She is probably a part of their school literary clubs and organizations”. Hmmm, no. I hate to break it to you, but I did not participate in any literary group associations in my school. I did have the urge to join my school’s paper, but unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to do so.

Why? I was so focused on my academics that the idea of being part of a school organization seemed so burdensome. That’s my reason — partly — my mask reason, the reason I tell myself every day every time the thought of being in one crosses my mind.

As I am typing these words in Microsoft Word instead of directly on the medium web platform, I guess you can say I have a problem. It is not very concerning, but it is too much. That is dun, dun, dun. I am a perfectionist.

My very first characteristic is evident from my context. I decided to start this blog yesterday, but only had the courage to do it today. I have thought about starting a blog for two years now. I was always stuck when planning my content: what should I write about? Can I do it? What platform should I use? When should I upload? How often will I upload? I am a handful. I got fed up with myself (laughing). So I threw my five sets of drafts (they are all just concept maps of my plans) and just decided to go through them.

To inform everybody (I do not even know if anyone will read this lol), my content will be about book reviews! It will be mainly about financial literature books (I’m not trying to be quirky). Money is a channel for happiness, but joy is achievable every day. I have seen my parents, family members, teachers, and other elderly people be problematic — why? because of money. I have heard countless people say ‘kung may pera lang ako’ in English, “If I only had money” — a famous phrase to release the detrimental effect of a lack of money.

Money is hard to earn, making people think that money is indeed the goal. But I’ve read podcasts, autobiographies, vlogs, documentaries, and posts of wealthy people enjoying their trips, private jets, and even huge mansions. Now that made me think. My parents are hard workers; I have seen them wake up in the morning with tasks and jobs. Yet we are not at the wealthy level and never will be if we are going to maintain the stagnant cycle of earning money. So I crave information and knowledge. I want to know how those people reached that status. What do they know that we do not know about? What made the 1% only 1%? Join me as I unravel these queries in my mind about wealth.

I will be posting every day (normally, if not, pray for me.) This blog will be used to journalize my opinions, reviews, key takeaways, and learnings. Please understand any typographical, grammatical, and punctuation errors (if there are any). I just want to bare my mind and start doing what I’ve always feared doing before… even until now. Being free. I want to be free of perfectionism and overthinking. Let me expose myself on this blog through my draft thoughts on this blog.

If you are reading this and you reached this part, I appreciate you. If there is anything you still fear in this world, this is your sign to do it and challenge yourself outside of your hobbit, routine, and comfort zone.

*As for big letters in every first of the paragraphs… they are weird. But I want it that way. Because this is a new version of the stuck up Juliana. I’ll follow the whispers of my heart HAHHA.

Signing off (for today),