SafeMoon Price Prediction: Will SafeMoon Follow Dogecoin to the Moon?


Yes, Redditers are also in on the play

It’s almost a given nowadays when we see a breakout move from an undervalued stock — Reddit is typically behind the move.

SafeMoon is no different.

The unique aspect here is that many Redditers are becoming millionaires from plays like Gamestop and, more recently, Dogecoin.

For example, one Dogecoin investor from Reddit became a multi-millionaire after investing all of his $188,000 life savings into the token back in February of this year.

Why is this important?

The investors who have sold their positions will be looking to reinvest their winnings into the next play, and so far, the focus is slowly shifting to SafeMoon. With prices trading for fractions of a penny, it makes for a very tempting play due to the tremendous upside potential.

SafeMoon is getting celebrity backing like Dogecoin

Back when it launched in early March, SafeMoon could barely muster any momentum to move up the charts. But, that soon changed when the token started getting celebrity buzz.

On March 29th, rapper Lil Yachty tweeted the following:

Image source: Twitter

A few days later, YouTuber Jake Paul responded to Yachty, and the world started to notice the new crypto in town.

SafeMoon was gaining momentum quickly.

By the time Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter tweeted about SafeMoon on April 19th, the token had skyrocketed 9,000 percent above its all-time low.

Image source: Twitter

Since then, Safemoon has been continuing to gain more traction, and while early investors started off small, other more prominent investors (better known as whales) are now starting to come out to play.