Roxe Chain Weekly Updates | Week 17–18, 2022

  1. These are the updates from the past few weeks. Thanks for reading!

Dear RoxeChain fans, we believe you all are doing well. Let us share some updates from the team RoxeChain.

“Roxe Chain is purpose-built to solve the problems caused by global financial market fragmentation — supporting an ecosystem of applications designed to accelerate cross-border payments, cross-account transfers, and much more.”

Applications built with Roxe Chain

Roxe Instant Settlement Network (RISN), enables payment companies, remittance companies, banks and other partners to enjoy the high speed and low-cost benefits of blockchain technology. It has already entered into strategic partnerships with more than 30 organizations worldwide, including Fairexpay, ECS Fin, Onchain Custodian, N2Xpress, Rana Express, Treviso, IPAY, Nium, and Axletree.

Roxe App, the world’s first blockchain-based social Squad app, allows consumers to purchase their favorite products at the best price in real-time.

Week 17-18, 2022

Product Updates

Roxe App

1. Roxe App is now available on App Store & Google Play, search “Roxe” to download the latest version of the product. Currently, Roxe App is available in more than 100 countries around the world, including the United States and India.

2. Roxe App’s Deal a Day — free version has been launched, previously in the U.S. region has launched $15 worth of Regal Cinema movie tickets for free, and has been launched in India with well-known beverage chain Chaayos, Blue Tokai Coffee and other merchant free vouchers.

3. A new introduction video of the Roxe App is published. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the next video on your feed! :)

Roxe App — VIP Program Continues

The Roxe App is now available on the App Store & Google Play, search for “Roxe” to download the latest version of the product. Currently, Roxe App is available in over 100 countries.

To thank new and existing users for their support of the Roxe App, users who download and register successfully at this stage will automatically become Roxe VIP users and receive priority access to Squad Deal, 1 year of free cross-border remittance, 1 year of free access to funds and exclusive surprise gifts for VIP users.

Roxe App — Partnering with Merchants in Flushing, NY

Roxe App has recently established close ties with a number of merchants in the Flushing, New York City to form long-term partnerships, including e-gift cards.

Roxe’s global merchant recruitment is in full swing, so if you can offer goods for purchase, you have the opportunity to be one of the first merchants to join the Roxe App and share the global traffic, brand exposure, improved cash flow, access to new customers and an instant payment experience for blockchain-based cross-border transactions.

Roxe on Social Media

For more fun videos and photos, follow Roxe on Twitter and Facebook: @Roxe Chain, Instagram and Tiktok: @getroxe.

These are the updates from the past few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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