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  • Audits? Buzzing Vaults have been submitted.
  • KYC? We won’t be applying for a KYC. Moon(Phillip) and Daboosh(Sam) have done doxxing videos and the rest of the team including mods will follow in the future.
  • Roadmap? Focusing on financial services as well as Metaverse. A 3D space you can interact with all our financial services as well as other protocols that partner with us.
  • What types of financial services? Yield optimizers, Farming, Lending, bridging.
  • Yield Optimizers? We already provide 2, TOMB-FTM and 2OMB-FTM. No deposit or withdrawal fees. Auto compounding to ensure we provide the highest return for investors. More pairs are coming very soon.
  • Farming Services? Liquidity pools based around FTM.
  • Lending Services? Self repaying loans.
  • Bridges? Secure bridges built in house that allow more networks and investors to connect to FTM. Which will directly support Comb.
  • How will you be sustainable? Building streams of revenue and avoiding the recirculation of money. The more services we offer, the more sustainable the Comb ecosystem will be, and the more revenue we hope to see.
  • How will these services help $COMB? All services will be directly connected to $COMB. All fees generated from each service go back into the ecosystem, which directly benefits each investor.
  • How is the FTM validator? 0 Downtime as of now. We plan on taking some of the FTM and compounding it into our own systems. Taking the revenue from that compounding and putting it directly into our services.
  • Another use for $NECT? $NECT will be an internal bridge for the Comb Ecosystem. Allowing any beelivers already in, ease of transferring funds between our services.
  • When can we see loans? Currently working on sustainability with project ‘z’, then expanding the Hiveverse, and then expanding our financial services. Loans will come with expanding our financial services.
  • APR on loans? Depends on the loan choice. Investors could see 5–10% with some vaults and 60–80% with others. It’s ultimately up to the investor to gauge the risk with each loan option.
  • NFTs and gaming? Cosmetics in the Hiveverse(NFTs), interacting with other protocols in the Hiveverse through NPC’s, horror games inside the Hiveverse (since we are based on FTM), social platforms, lottery/game shows inside the Hiveverse.
  • What is ‘z’? The holy grail for sustainability. Only possible with our tokenomics.
  • More giveaways? More giveaways. Bigger than the last one where we teamed up with Redlight.
  • Charity? Charity pools where the community will vote on where the funds go to. Held monthly.
  • NFTs? More are coming, cosmetic and utility based.
  • Redlight in the Hiveverse? Currently working on building a mansion so RND and Comb community members can explore a 3D space built around our partners over at RND.
  • What assets are you looking to bridge? $AVAX, $LUNA, $BTC, and $FIL will be our first focus.
  • Why bridge? Provide more liquidity for FTM. More liquidity for FTM will help FTM grow.
  • What utility does Comb NFT have? Provides 1% bonus for all rewards from all hives. Only 25 minted for partnerships, team members, and giveaways.
  • More Comb NFTs? Absolutely.
  • Why build your own bridge? Security. Building a bridge with RENVM, we believe will be the most secure bridge to the FTM network.

How would you guys introduce yourself to someone who wasn’t familiar with your project?

  • We will be focusing on 4 pillars. Sustaining the network, Metaverse, Onboarding Investors, and Social Impact. We believe building towards these 4 objectives will give Comb a strong foundation to allow further building in the future. More to come on this later.

Have you done any doxxing or KYC?

  • As far as KYC, we don’t believe that doing a KYC is necessary since the project lead Moon and Head of Marketing and Growth, Daboosh have done a face reveal. Since we will one day be a legal company, a KYC doesn’t seem necessary. The point of a KYC is to provide your identity to a 3rd party to prove you are who you are, but if we do that directly to the community, they know exactly who they are investing in and can put a face behind the project.

What is the status of contract audits?

  • We have submitted our Buzzing Vaults to be audited since the contracts are complete. But as far as the node contracts go, we don’t believe it would be financially smart to use investors’ money to have the contracts audited that will continue to be adjusted as we build more of the Comb Eco.

What does the team’s roadmap look like?

  • Right now we are going in a direction where we want to do financial services as well as a metaverse. An ecosystem because we think centralizing all these different financial projects into one space would be extremely beneficial for everyone. Imagine a space where you can talk with your friends and interact with your NFT’s, go to a digital museum where you can view NFT owners and ones up for sale, interact with different node protocols and purchase them in this space, trade coins with other individuals as well as other networks in the very same space.

What are some of the services you guys have in mind for the Comb Eco in the future?

  • Yield optimizers, farming, lending and bridging.

What is going to be unique about your yield optimizers?

  • Yield optimizers, is a service where we take your liquidity pool tokens and stake them to our pools. Usually you have to manually harvest them, what we will do is automatically harvest them with bots, constantly harvesting for you to ensure your compounded rewards achieve the most return on investment. Our yield optimizers will rival any of the best out there, while still maintaining realistic returns and providing a small fee that directly goes back into supporting the comb eco.

What do you plan to accomplish with your farming service?

  • We want to hold liquidity pools, the focus being supporting the Fantom eco with maintaining its liquidity pools, further holding more of the FTM token on the network, which will support a positive price action in the long term if more of the token is locked up in liquidity pools.

What do you plan to accomplish with your lending services?

  • With our lending services, we want to lend investors money and at the same time, we will be utilizing self repaying loans to reduce the payments required for loans taken out. In a sense, self repaying loans is free money. If they can pay themselves off in time, it’s hard not to want to utilize this service since the only cost would be time. It can be an extremely powerful service that will bring additional revenue into the Comb Eco, with small fees further bolstering the entire eco.

What do you plan to accomplish with your bridges?

  • We believe the Fantom ecosystem lacks sophisticated bridges. We want to bridge bitcoin, file coin and luna all from their own ecosystems to further support the fantom network. These secure bridges will bring additional revenue into the Fantom network as well as the Comb Eco. Building a bridge for assets so that we can allow more exposure to the FTM network. We want to start with bitcoin, luna and file coin. Bridge those ecosystems into the fantom network. And creating a bridge from Avax to the fantom network. We will be supplying that bridge and building the entire framework. We believe the fantom network is missing a secure way to get these assets onto the network which allows us a great opportunity to build the bridges necessary to get them onto the fantom network.

Why decide to build their own bridge as opposed to using pre-existing bridges?

  • We believe the current bridges out there lack security due to their centralized authority. What we want to do is take the RENVM block chain that is solely dedicated to bridging assets and build our own bridge. With a bridge built with RENVM, we believe it will be the most secure bridge to the fantom network.

What is your plan for sustainability?

  • The only way we see things to be sustainable is to find streams of revenue and to avoid the recirculation of money. We know that to find revenue we need to provide as many services as we can to fill out that inflation and provide the ecosystem. What we plan on doing is providing more services which will have small fee’s that all circulate back into the Comb Eco that further provide sustainability. With more services, more revenue comes in over time. With each stream of revenue we build, it will funnel back into the Comb ecosystem, which will directly benefit the Comb holders. In the case where we see more revenue streaming into the ecosystem than the inflation that is going on, we could see a price appreciation over time. This would be very valuable, to become known for our services other than nodes, we can create a lot of money for everyone inside the Comb ecosystem.

Why provide so many services?

  • All services we are providing will center around $COMB. Each one will directly support $COMB. Without the $COMB token, these services and your entry into the Comb ecosystem will not be possible.

Have you had any issues with your FTM validator node since its launch?

  • We have seen 0 downtime as of now since the launch of the validator. This was a major milestone for us since our first goal we set out for was to help sustain the Fantom network while doing our contribution to the network as a whole, and now we have done that! We plan on taking the FTM, compounding into our own systems and taking the revenue from that compounding and putting it directly into our services.

What are the benefits of the node tiers you currently provide?

  • The higher the node tier, the quicker the ROI. Currently we have 4 tiers which consist of the following statistics:

Broughton Hive (3 COMB node): 0.0251 (132.75 ROI with 10% tax included) | .31 x regular (Top Bar)

Top Bar Hive (9 COMB node): 0.081 (123.46 day ROI with 10% tax included) | 1 x reward node

Langstroth Hive (30 COMB node): 0.2835 (117.58 day ROI with 10% tax included) | 3.5 x regular (Top Bar) node

Warre Hive (60 COMB node): 0.57672 (115.60 day ROI with 10% tax included) | 7.12 x regular (Top Bar) node

Is there another use case you guys are looking at achieving with $NECT next to compounding quicker?

  • Yes, there are a few avenues we are looking at right now. We have been looking at financial services and the metaverse. $NECT will play an amazing role in both of those areas as we continue to develop further into them. $NECT will play a role similar to a bridge, a bridge into our ecosystem. It is similar to saying, ‘Okay, we are going to invest more into your products.’ $NECT will allow you to do that without the taxes. We see it as, when you decide to exit our ecosystem, there is a tax, but if you want to stay in, it should be tax free to continue your journey in our ecosystem.

When can we expect to see the loan service?

  • We are working on something else right now for the next few weeks, and we would like to develop the metaverse side of the house further. So probably after we expand further into the metaverse. The path right now is; what we are working on now, metaverse, and then more financial services. Self repaying loans will come with the ‘more financial services’ time. We are conducting research on the best way to approach these self repaying loans, while also working on our current project and metaverse adaptation. We want to ensure everything is perfect when we launch our self repaying loans.

What sort of APR’s could we see with the self repaying loans?

  • It depends on the methods we allow for the loans to be repaid with the vaults. We can see a range of anywhere between 5–10% with some vaults and 60–80% with others. So at one point you could pay it off in around a year and at other times it might take a few years. It will really come down to the level of risk each investor wants to take on their self repaying loan. We are designing the system that will allow each investor the option to decide which strategy that feels comfortable utilizing.

Do you guys have any other types of partnerships you are working on right now?

  • We focus on relationship marketing. We want our marketing partners to have a vested interest in the success of COMB and actually be looking out for the best interest of the community and not just doing it for compensation. We are very excited to be onboarding great protocols that have good intentions and at the same time we conduct meetings before announcing anything to ensure everything is good on their end and we have a firm understanding of who we are building a relationship with. We don’t like to shill, it feels cheap and dirty. People can see through a cheap shill versus honest feedback from a respected community member.

What do NFTs and gaming look like for Comb in the future?

  • One of the biggest advantages to the network we are based on is the community. There is a community that is based around the horror theme across most of the protocols on the network. Continuing this theme is one avenue we are heavily considering as a type of gaming services we will provide. But our ‘HiveVerse’ is a 3D world where you will be able to interact within your hive as well as other protocols that connect with our Comb Eco in the future. This 3D space will allow each individual the ability to interact with all our financial services from within the HiveVerse, as well as other protocols that decide to join the Comb Eco. We would also like a social platform where users can interact with something similar to a lottery based or game based show. This will foster a strong community and will also bring a lot of traction to the Comb ecosystem because we want the barrier of entry to just be available for all, or extremely low. We want to make sure people can spread the word easily and anyone can access the world we plan to build. Our concept would be a play-to-win as opposed to a play-to-earn model.

How will RND and Comb collaborate in the future?

  • Our communities are going to align in the future, we are both going towards the game route. Right now, we only have the 3d space where you can interact with your hives. The next step from that is to start integrating other protocols into the HiveVerse. Imagine working on your Hives and then walking through a portal connected to the RedLight Node District and having access to your nodes over on Avax.

What is the utility of the current Comb NFT’s?

  • They provide a 1% bonus for all rewards for all hives. Current price is priceless, since we never sold any. Currently only 25 were minted for team members, protocols and special winners.

Will more NFT’s be made for Comb Financial?

  • Yes, cosmetic and utility based NFT’s will be made in the future.

Is it possible for a Redlight and Comb combined NFT?

  • Yes, that is a possibility in the future.

Do you have any alpha’s you want to give out before we end the podcast?

  • So we have this thing called a ‘z’. We can’t give too much info right now, but we cracked the code for what is going to make Comb sustainable. It’s a special system that will work specifically for Comb because of our tokenomics, so those looking to copy won’t see the same success we will. This is where the #zArmy movement started. When community members were partaking in the largest NFT giveaway and changing their names on discord and twitter to incorporate the ‘z’ before their name, they might have speculated it was just some random event. It wasn’t anything random, nothing we do is random. Every step we are taking is thought out steps in advance. So what some perceive as random, or situational, is really pre-thought out to start building towards the next evolution of the Comb Ecosystem.
  • On top of the last NFT giveaway that resulted in around $22,000 given to one of the community members, we are already working on another giveaway that will be even bigger than the last.
  • We are creating a charity pool. This will be an implementation we are rolling out that Hyakki and Stinky.FTM will be running. The whole idea behind it is we want to bring positivity into the defi space, FTM space, and Comb ecosystem. The community will be able to decide where the funds are allocated to. Monthly disbursements voted on by the community. We believe in the nature of a true DAO, so the COMB community will vote on where these funds go, be it homeless shelters, protocols hit by malicious intent or anything else the community votes on.

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