Recap Crypto: In The Studio With Najah Roberts


“Should the black and brown community stay away from cryptocurrency completely?” This is the question Najah Roberts answers on Ahead of The Crypto Curve today. Najah Roberts along with Enrique Almeida are in the studio addressing the decline in crypto over the past 7 weeks, getting to speak about why they personally think it is worth it to stay in the space. Najah is resolved on the concept of saving and getting some bitcoin in your wallet even if it's not much at first. She goes into detail about why she thinks it is worth it to keep bitcoin and not sell it explaining that Germany has passed a law that if bitcoin is held for a year it will not be taxed, bitcoin is protected under Chinese law, and Africa is getting more secure in the crypto space. Najah is confident that these entities are strengthening what bitcoin is backed by. She also believes that bitcoin is just finding its way and since it is only 13 years old it will stabilize in the future.

Recurring guest, Enrique Almeida has a lot to say about the decline in bitcoin and its effects on the black and brown community. He first gives his input on the stable coin blood bath suggesting that it is lacking liquidity and needs to be regulated with certain amounts of reserve. In terms of the decline of bitcoin and the effect on the community, Enrique says “absolutely not!” to selling and being done with crypto altogether. He makes mentions that when bitcoin is no longer pegged to the stock market it will stabilize and people will actually be complaining about the price of one bitcoin being too much money.

“You only lose in bitcoin when you sell.”- Najah Roberts

(people in photo left to right: Enrique Almeida, Raven Keiara, Najah Roberts)

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Raven Keiara is a writer, digital creator, content and media specialist, producer, actress, and community activist. She is currently working as a producer at Tavis Smiley’s KBLA talk radio station in Los Angeles. The scholar and media personality loves to travel and thrives on girl empowerment.