Recap Crypto: In the studio with Najah Roberts


Join Najah Roberts in the studio today as she is accompanied by special guest Butch Chelliah. The dynamic duo has a lot to talk about from the celebrity influence on Crypto to new NFT projects in the making.

Starting off, Najah keeps the community updated on what's new in Crypto by going over 3 recent articles. One is about the Terra blockchain finally resuming activity after a 9-hour hold, while another leans on the danger of keeping your bitcoin on a centralized platform without a personal wallet. When funds are kept out of a wallet the trading sight has control over your bitcoin and can do whatever they want with it. Najah makes it clear that is so important to own and control your own coin by holding it in a wallet. Additionally, Najah goes on to talk about the effect celebrities have on crypto. According to one of her articles, celebrities buy APE NFTs and that makes the cost go up because people trust it more. It's the mindset that if Chris Brown is doing it then they must be doing something right.

Our guest Butch Chelliah has been in the Crypto space for 3 years and already has an exciting new NFT project under his belt. The program went live a couple of weeks ago and focuses on spotlighting families that have been affected due to a member struggling or recovering from breast disease. Its goal is to combine a passion for the cause and economic profitability. Butch explains he was first passionate about the Genesis Foundation which is a resource that helps less fortunate communities with all types of breast diseases, and that is what inspired him to take on this project. For information about this new startup go to and to contact Najah go to

Cryptology represents the future of privacy [and] by implication [it] also represents the future of money, and the future of banking and finance. — Orlin Grabbe

(people in photo left to right: Raven Keiara, Najah Roberts, Butch Chelliah)

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Raven Keiara is a writer, digital creator, content and media specialist, producer, actress, and community activist. She is currently working as a producer at Tavis Smiley’s KBLA talk radio station in Los Angeles. The scholar and media personality loves to travel and thrives on girl empowerment.