Pushing the Agenda


I recently finished reading this short novel by Kenny Paul- a pseudonym used by two Belgian writers in the 1960’s — L’Ombre et la Solitude. In english, the title translates to ‘Shadow and Loneliness’.

This fictional novel talks about a journalist, Raymond Faltière, who publishes a lot of his anti- European Union political opinions. His writing didn’t really pay that much but he was doing okay, didn’t really need the money because he inherited a lot from his wealthy family. However, he is an established writer since a few of his writings here and there did get traction.

He was approached one night by three men that invaded his home, all wearing black suits. They disconnected the telephone lines and locked the doors to have a conversation with Raymond. Of course, he was alarmed and scared for his life, but they assured him that that’s how they conducted confidential conversations.

I’m not going to give too much away but what happens is that these three men work for an undercover organization. This organization shares the same views as Raymond and are planning for something big. They are willing to fund Mr. Faltière in order for him to keep writing and publishing. They want to spread his writings to every corner of France and Europe; they wanted to cause havoc. They want every radio host, every politician and TV host to be speaking of this Raymond Falitière that ‘came out of nowhere’. Basically, they promised him that all he needs to do is keep on writing, and they will take care of the rest.

Soon enough, he does get the fame and recognition that he internally longed for, with the freedom to express his opinions and make them heard. He did create madness, with people divided whether to be with him or against his political views that go against what Europe has ever stood for.

Drama, friendship, investigation, cadavers, unexpected spicy romance with a high profile mistress.. this book is worth the read. But, let us get to my point now.

(You will understand the string that ties these separate events at the end, I promise) Today, I watched this video :

He explains how the wealthiest people of the world are only 0.7% of the population (guess that’s why they call them the top 1% ey?) yet they make up 46% of the global wealth. The poorest people are 70% of the global population and make up 3% of global wealth. His main source of information is Credit Suisse which publishes global wealth reports every year : https://www.credit-suisse.com/about-us/en/reports-research/global-wealth-report.html

His video is very insightful & informative and the whole point of the video is to explain how the world is set up keep that 0.7% the richest and keep the poor, poor. Governments don’t rule the world, corporations do. He shows how governments accommodate for the top 1% because they are the investors and invest in the economy, governments need them and need to pay them back too. So, how do they pay them back? We do! With our labor, time and taxes! Yay!

He also says something that struck me, “The rich fear the poor because of their number, their quantity — they make up the largest population”.

See where I’m going with this?

Let us dissect this for a moment before I continue.

What are the top 1% actually afraid of? Why are they afraid of the poor? They are afraid that the the poor and middle class wake up from this illusion that the 1% earned their way up there. That the 1% earned their share, fair and square. They fear the day that the middle and poor class wake up one morning and decide not to go to work, not to buy anything. They fear the poor and middle class realizing that this financial system is a hoax and that they start to create a whole system on their own- excluding the 1%- that actually feeds and shelters the majority of the population, that does not exploit human labor and destroy the planet.

The only way for what I mentioned above to happen is for 99.3% of the population to unite, to bond over the pain and the misery.

This 1 minute video is a perfect example of the powerful conversations we can have, conversations that could change the trajectory of the world.

(There is a continuation after this video, I just don’t know how to edit that well on Medium yet.)

Seeing fathers bond over not being able to be there for their kids is heartbreaking. Yet, what makes this video so powerful is that usually their situation is seen as honorable, as what a father should go through, as commendable even. This is the first time that their conversation gears towards realizing that the goal to be rich stripped them away from the only enriching thing life can offer.

So, how do the 1% protect their place, their wealth and keep 99% of the population away ? Keep them distracted?

by Pushing the Agenda.

  1. Agenda of the Motivation
    In the video I mentioned above, Joe explains how the middle class are kept in their place because of their constant fear of being poor and their life long desire to climb up to the top 1%. They usually are the most stressed and overworked of all three categories. Their driving force? Fear and motivation.
Andrew Tate ‘came out of nowhere’. He preaches business yet his main source of income is cam girls and casinos. He has acquired a massive fanbase of young boys who view him as the ‘Top G’. His content has overtook social media by storm. Sounds familiar? A certain fictional journalist maybe?

2. Agenda of Politics and Religion
Unfortunately, it is the countries that are the closest to each other (ethnically, culturally, historically & economically) that have the most hostile conflicts because of politics and religion.

People are distracted by these conflicts, some even suffer and lose their lives because of them. In the video, Joe reads out a statistic that says that 70% of people in the wealthiest countries claim to not believe in religion while 90% of people in poor countries do. Religion here is not the problem- unlike what Joe so blatantly states in his video. The problem is that this statistic is used to showcase what truly matters for these countries, and if put in the wrong hands, can be used against them. To turn what is supposedly the source of mercy, love and peace into what is now the source of conflict, bloodshed and suffering. That same kind of strategy will not apply to people who don’t care about religion, that’s why in western countries there are very minimal conflicts of that matter. But don’t worry, if anything, the top 1% are masters of strategy, and they make sure to protect their place where ever the threat might arise from.
  1. Agenda of the Developed Society

Where developing countries are strategically infested with poverty, war and illness to keep them distracted from uniting, developed countries are equally as infested, but you know, with a different strategy. Where many kids suffer from ADHD and ADD, identity/gender crises, side affects of medicine from billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, vicious cycles of alcohol, gambling and drug addictions, sugar addictions, dopamine addictions, high levels of procrastination, loneliness, depression and sexual assaults.

A world of casual sex, entertainment everywhere you go and high processed food is a fantasy world. A world of bright light arcades keeping you distracted while the big men are outside making the deals, eating carefully and avoiding everything you are doing.

But, as mentioned above, the middle class are the most over worked and stressed so these ‘escapes’ go hand in hand. A+ for strategy. Full circle. Keeping you inside the loop.

Where am I going with this? God knows. I just found it funny to string these realizations from different times and piece them together to make some sort of story, fictional of course. Anyways, all that reading must’ve gotten you tired. Netflix and Pizza?😊