PRX Metaverse’s Vision & Mission


The PRX Metaverse is a shared virtual environment in which users can participate in immersive 3D activities that are not constrained by physics or the physical world. Users will have access to a new world of revenue-generating options in the Metaverse. PRX, the native cryptocurrency, will be used to acquire land, products, and services. Users will be rewarded for both content creation and adoption. PRX will be a system that will allow any two internet users to make global, real-time, and low-cost payments.

A single firm could not have built this metaverse. Businesses, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others will participate in this worldwide collaboration. The PRX Metaverse will be co-created and carefully designed with the goal of providing a safe environment for humanity. Our key priorities will be integrity, safety, and privacy.

To develop and therefore will create a world full of experiences and functions for its users, as well as a platform where businesses and organizations could explore deeply into technology and integrate it with their consumers’ experiences. Creating a sustainable economy with users as the primary engagement with our global marketplace flow. We want to integrate the real world with a diversity of experiences for all creators fascinated in 3D creative creations.

We at PRX Metaverse want to break down barriers and move forward. We will be the first in Thailand to combine the existing reality with the metaverse. Join our community for more information about our project and to witness the creation of a new world right before your eyes. Don’t just stand there and watch the world go by. Join in the metaverse.

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