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I believe there’s currently an opportunity for people to get into the node space regarding the two projects I’ve previously written about before. Of course, the

Before you start thinking that this is a sponsored article or that I’m using you as exit liquidity, I can tell you honestly that I’m not personally invested in these projects. At least not yet. But I’m looking at the chance to take a position now with the recent discounts.

By now you should have realized that PowerNodes is actually just a Thor Financial Fork built on the Fantom Opera Network contrary to Thor on Avalanche Network. So all the issues plaguing $Thor will likewise also affect $Power.

When I wrote the article for PowerNodes, they were undergoing rebranding and re-structuring for their designs to transition from the current Flatversal, Microscopic, Human, Superhuman Nodes to Wind, Solar, Hydro, Nuclear Generators, they are still in the midst of the transition.

If you’ve been following my articles for a while, you will know that I like the added assurance when projects doxx the public identities of their team members. I like the transparency and community these projects have built, and I genuinely believe that this is the way DeFi will be going forward in the future.

The Problem Pinned on the THOR Discord

Under the current contract, when a current node holder takes unclaimed rewards and compounds them into a new node, this creates a “sell” transaction for the tokens. Also, concurrently a “sell” transaction is created when a node holder claims rewards and cashes them out.

This creates artificial sell pressure from compounding, when in reality, investors are re-investing profits back into the project. This sell pressure has a negative affect on price action, but will be eliminated when the v2 contract comes out. Under the new contract, compounding rewards into new nodes will no longer create a “sell” transaction, which will eliminate this artificial sell pressure that has contributed to a decrease in the token value as more and more investors have been able to compound rewards into new nodes as time has gone by.

Through multiple THOR AMA’s and it seems that the team is fully aware of these obstacles. They’ve been quite transparent about transitioning away from RING’s Fork Contract over to their own. They have Version 2 coming out in a few weeks and the following due in the next 1–3 months.

  • New UI
  • NFT Marketplace + Hard stop on Node Creation (forcing new investors to purchase nodes off the secondary market)
  • P2E Game within THOR’s Ecosystem
  • Monthly Node Fees (Will help sustain the project)

If the project fails it would be highly unfortunate but it’s definitely not from them scamming investors. As long as the team is able to pivot and create multiple solid streams of income with more utility for their protocol then sustainability will no longer be an issue.

Likewise, as a fork of THOR, Power faces the same issue with their contract, and hence have been experiencing a similar negative price action.

Price of $THOR

Coinmarketcap on 21 Feb 2022

Price of $THOR has fallen from its high prices of $230.04 to the current price of $46.65

Price of $POWER

Coinmarketcap on 21 Feb 2022

Price of $POWER has fallen from $45.57 to the current price of $13.63

Granted, there’s also the chance that these projects fail, never to make a comeback so there’s a certain risk element involved in this opportunity.

Two projects with different price ranges for investors with different budgets and different risk appetite. I like the frequency of development on the Fantom Network, so I see greater opportunity with PowerNodes, that they will be elevated together with the increase in value of FTM. They also payout better with faster ROI than Thor.

Just wanted to put this on your radar.

In the end, it’s your money, make your own judgement and do your own research before making a hasty decision and regretting later.

Once again, Thank you for reading so far! :)

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