Poor Profits


The nerve of getting something for giving something is the inherently selfish act that defines our oh so predatory country. The fact the payment is often cash just further infuriates those who think anyone who sells something others want must be harming them. Ea ch side receiving what’s requested is a horrendous violation, according to those who presumably never want anything back.

Anger about profits acts as a substitute for productivity. Nothing’s more selfish than others wanting what you do or have strongly enough to offer compensation for it, claim opponents of the transaction’s success. It’s too bad spite can’t be monetized.

A direct deposit following working feels too even. Being suspicious of anyone useful defines free market enemies. True artisans are supposed to be purely dedicated to craft instead of base financial motives. You’ll just use your unctuous gains to buy items from other peddlers, and hey they’ll only be working for the money, too. Our tainted world will never be pure again.

Never generating a decent output reflects dedication to ideology. If not that, Elizabeth Warren’s fan club members are just really terrible at selling anything others find valuable. Fans of forced state membership try their hardest personally not to earn to inspire a rejection of base materialism by example. At least, it’s a convenient overlapping excuse.

The practical consequences of philosophical sanctimony should settle arguments. You get a thing you seek: health care is indeed a commodity, which shocks those who think a service provided by others is a right. Anger at paying for expensive treatments provided by the most highly-trained amongst us that save lives epitomizes gratitude. Those who need treatment should be willing to surrender everything to be well. Thanks to trying to make it free, it’s now far more likely.

Foes of dealing coincidentally create no successful enterprises. Letting enemies of commerce commandeer the process makes as much sense as taking vegans to Peter Luger. Every federal takeover scheme starts off by presuming businesses should fail. Decadent capitalist outposts are hives of greed that exploit the human need for things like food and garments.

Not making a buck seems honorable until you see the output of those with no incentive to work. Goods end up costing way more, which is terrific news for those opposed to being so materialistic. Inflation offers the comfort of not being able to be defined by ownership.

Preening doesn’t make us richer in any sense. Those who smile with astounding smugness as they endorse people over profits are really loathing profitable people. Ruining the economy turns out to not be a great way to help each other, either as individuals or as a group. The alleged indignity of having to barter time or earnings in order to get goods or services means everyone involved gets treated as well as they demand. Or maybe a law will preserve dignity.

Decadent profits could come in handy. One might just use the filthy extra bit left after meeting business costs to support others. A proprietor could even pay others to complete tasks. Everything starts with having something to trade.

Jobs result from productivity, not the other way around. Employment is a result of having something worthwhile to provide, which shocks liberals who demand full labor participation first. Maybe it would be easier with services to provide, which seems cruel to those who offer nothing.

Removing motivation in order to encourage hard work will pay off right after politicians taking your funds to buy you things results in better purchases. Listen to astute observers of the human condition whose entire ideology is based on presuming efficiency takes the form of not competing. Your dear government doesn’t have to please customers, which surely creates fantastic incentives to invest seized resources wisely and with courtesy. DMVizing every industry is about to create bliss.

Railing against prosperity instead of attempting to create some themselves is one way to create equality. It’s easier to mooch off those who are too busy to fight back. Naturally, the successful will be resented for funding every daft statist scheme designed to draw out universal utopia. The fury over the presumption that any fortune is stolen from the poors in a zero-sum game is even more confusing for class warfare wagers who need to tax it in order to fund their lunatic envy schemes. Holmes would feel unchallenged without Moriarty.

Just how anyone would get anything is a question that challenges those who presume a kindly president should toss material goods like a year-round Santa. Adult children would prefer humans just be handed items, which is the part of their nature that is very much the opposite of avaricious. Each side verifying a deal sure seems like it’d create suspicion. Avoid needless interaction with humans who have the agenda of taking your money as a result of bartering by catching products dropping from the heavens.

It’s always those without anything to offer who are outraged about how much those who must attract customers retain. Taking offense at requiring motivation is a beef with reality. Corporations keeping what they’ve been given for providing products is devilish according those who wait to be handed something for nothing. Mutual exchange is the outrage of our time. A voluntary transaction, unlike, say, federal programs leaves too much room for dissent. Let your caring leaders decide what you need. Why else vote?