Plot Twist: You want to work for a DAO!


At LevX DAO, we are looking to build disruptive technology to radically impact the financial world through DeFi and NFT innovation. Our vision is focused on shaping next generation products that provide real value to the masses.

  1. We are currently laying the framework for Swap Inc., a new, original AMM infrastructure for the upcoming L2 zkSync (mainnet), focusing on liquidity utilization and sustainable yield.
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  2. We have revamped the NFT PFP concept by incorporating value-add DeFi principles such as, ve tokenomics and yield farming to Sharkpunks.
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  3. At present, we are focused on the release of, a community-driven exchange for a variety of DeFi positions, such as: perpetuities and leveraged positions. This product launch prioritizes the revitalization of this community, by offering an exciting new product that offers great opportunity during market downturns and which directly benefits $LEVX holders.
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As you can see, this community has a treasure trove of great ideas, but in need of a team to grow them to be success stories.

Do you see yourself as part of DeFi success story?

If so, WE WANT YOU! The LevX DAO treasury is geared up to bootstrap a team of keen individuals who can grow the DAO and drive its upcoming products to become top DeFi contenders.

The team is small, but made up of highly passionate, results-driven contributors, who see the potential in the innovative technologies we have in our armory. We are hiring for all types of positions and all work is remote. Of course, anons welcome! You would be an excellent fit to our team if you are a self starter, enjoy diversified tasks across skill sets and think that the best show ever created was Rick & Morty (and no longer want to be a poor Butter-Passing Robot).

New team members will be given a competitive token-based salary.

If you wish to apply for a position (Community Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Business Development Lead, Design Lead, Backend Developer, etc.), please send your resume and a short, introductory cover letter to cookies.levx.eth on twitter or discord. Previous LevX DAO contributors will be given closer consideration.

Check us out our Discord to see why LevX DAO is the fastest growing community of DeFi-centric people & products!