5 months ago I have started investing in small Crypto projects and various Crypto Saving accounts with a sole purpose to get $1000/month disposable income.

I have started with a very modest investment, unlike most YouTubers and bloggers who talk about this sort of passive income.

Please, take a look at the screenshot from my Excel Sheet, where I keep track of my earnings and losses.

APY calculator: CryptoAPY — Google Sheets

How to create your own calculator: Calculator Setup

This month we need to account for a significant market dip in crypto, which I hope won’t last for too long. I have also donated a large amount towards the victims of Russian-Ukrainian war.

So let’s see what we have here:

Yield Nodes:

How I earned from Yield Nodes

  1. I’ve deposited another $2145 on April 17 into Yield Nodes to bring it to $4000 usd in total

2. I received 5.75% (Normally it would be 8.3% this month,however my deposit was on April 17, and not the 1st of the month) profit from my $3961 investment, that’s a profit of $227/month. 50% of the profits I reinvested back into master nodes and other 50% will send to my BlockFi account.

3. Referral program brought me another $65 this month


How I earned from BlockFI

  1. 0.1346 BTC right now at the cost of $34,146.60 with my %4.5 interest from Savings Account with BlockFI brought me 0.00067 BTC = roughly $29.
  2. 0.23ETH at current cost of $2529 with 4.5% interest brought me only $1.88.


How I earned from Coinbase

  1. Learn and Earn program didn’t have any new quizzes unfortunately

Hi Dollars:

How I earned from Hi Dollars

  1. This is BS, don’t waste your time. They lock your profits after
  2. Tokens are soon to be released though,from the email I received,so I might consider going back to it.

SOL Staking:

How I Earned from SOLANA Staking

  1. Staking SOL brought me roughly $2 in USD. We have to account for a significant dip in value. Current SOL price is $79.90, down from all time high at $286.


  1. Affiliate program made me $30 in April

Anchor Protocol:

How i Earned from Anchor

  1. Deposit of $420 for the month of April brought me $9.32

Medium Partner Program:

  1. I got $15.64 in Medium Partner Program for the month of April

$380 in April($127 more compared to previous month)

It is still far from my goal at $1000/month, and I realize that withdrawal process also will take some percentage of this sum, but I hope I am on the right track and hope you can benefit from this as well.

I will keep posting this at the end of each month along with the projects I invest it. Please, feel free to subscribe and clap — this helps to bump up my story, so more ppl can see it.

For those who want to use referrals to earn extra couple $$:

  1. Coinbase [Get $10]
  2. ShakePay [Get $30]
  3. Binance [Get 10% of your fees back]
  4. BlockFI [Get $10]
  5. Yield Nodes [Sign-up]

How I earned on each platform is described under each Source of Income in this article, but I will include it again in the end.

1. PancakeSwap-

2. BlockFI-

3.FROM CAD TO SOL [BUY/STAKE]. How to purchase and stake SOL? | by FiatToCrypto | Jan, 2022 | Medium

5.Hi Dollars-

6.Yield Nodes-

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