Park your Bitcoin for Crypto Winter?

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In the long term, I’m naturally a firm believer that Bitcoin will climb to 100k easily once mass adoption is in place but the price action of Bitcoin has not been looking too hot lately. In these months of extreme fear as well as uncertainties in the economy, the short-term bearish sentiment currently reigns superior.


Despite my long-term plans, I’m not a fan of leaving my funds to depreciate while I watch the price of Bitcoin dip lower in the historically poor performing month of May. Thus I think it is a wise decision to move my Bitcoin to Yield Nodes since historically it has performed better than Bitcoin’s price action.

Yield Nodes History — May 2021

If you haven’t heard about my decision to invest half of my savings into Yield Nodes, and use it as a secondary bank account, you may do so in my first article below, and I hope it helps assure you of the legitimacy of this investment and that your initial deposits are not sunk costs and are available for withdrawal after a lockup period.

I rarely post about a project more than once, but I’ve been benefitting from this program so much that I can’t help but do so.

April 2022 Profits — 8.3%

My strategy in Yield Nodes is to Reinvest 50% & Withdraw 50% which has the best risk/reward ratio for my risk appetite. It provides the best amount of returns while enabling a growth on my investment. Since my initial investment in August after the grace period to start earning in Sep 2021, I’ve withdrawn 37% of my initial investment and my invested amount has grown by 37% which would be a net gain of 74%, should my latest deposits become available to claim after 6 months time.

By the third week of April, Yield Nodes had already published returns of about 5% hence I was already expecting 7% or more returns this month. And without disappointment, they had 8.3% returns this month despite the current market sentiment. This equated to $10.9k in returns of which I withdrew about $5.5k, paying me more than what I get from my day job while growing my investment.

If all I did was withdraw, my net gain on my investments would be 64.5%, with my principal available for withdrawal at any time.

If I had compounded and reinvested all my returns, my net gain on my investment would be at 85.9%

However as you know, 100k is a large sum of money at least to the majority, I think its only fair to strike a balance in the middle for withdrawals and recovering your initial investment gradually even at the expense of potentially 10k of additional returns.

Withdraw profits as Bitcoin?

Another strategy that I plan to do with Yield Nodes is to withdraw my profits as Bitcoin when the price of Bitcoin is low, so that I can accumulate my bitcoin at lower and better prices while my original Bitcoin investment will continue to grow steadily in value by 5–15% every month.

More information on the 18 Masternodeable Cryptocurrencies in the Yield Nodes Network will be published in my next article once I’m done finalizing the details.

Once again, Thank you for reading so far! :)

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