Our 2022 goals program.


Everything you need to know about our goals program to help Nigerians in 2022.

2021 was gradually coming to a halt to welcome a fresh new year filled with many uncertainties. Atleast, every other year had pulled some shockers to different people in different ways. While almost everyone was fascinated about unveiling a new year, repeating the tradition of new year goals and resolutions, an important question always lingered. After new year, what next?

The underlying answer isn’t farfetched — life continues. A recycle of old habits or the succession of newly developed habits. One of it just have to happen.

As a Fintech start-up, why breeze with the usual flow for the new year? Taking a look at the situation in Nigeria today, anyone would rather make surviving a goal to achieve than the long list of other things to do. Why blame those who say, na person wey dey alive dey achieve? The truth of course is not implausible.

The shortage of funds, the rise in unemployment, economic hardship and poverty has left people to the mercy of accumulating debts that may eventually lead to mental health problems, has denied a larger portion of the populace good nutrition and also denied access to opportunities that can improve their lives simply because this people cannot afford it.

At Flux, we have a major responsibility to support the well being of our customers and decided to go hard on some carefully selected goals for the new year that affect Nigerians at large. The goals are;

● Focusing on Mental Health

● Nutrition and Fitness

● Learning Non-Code Tech Skills

In an aim to push these goals forward and achieve more results, we have partnered with brands that have the required expertise on these goals.

Why these goals?

Mental health is probably one of the most talked about topics and the least cared about in our country today. While there is no quick fix, we believe recreating awareness and providing affordable treatment options is a step in a right direction. According to research, financial issues are quick triggers to depression and anxiety with Nigeria having the highest caseload of depression in Africa and ranking 15th in the world with suicide rates. Alarming isn’t it?

Our partnership with Nguvu health, an e-mental health company that provides on-demand therapy sessions to Africans is to make resources available and provide a direct link to preventing mental illnesses and improving mental well-being through affordable services.

Also, health challenges keep spiralling upward with increase in mortality and morbidity rates. Beyond doubts, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the country is expensive and it is now glaring that only very few are committed to embracing healthy lifestyles through fitness and nutrition simply because it is unaffordable. Should it be that difficult? We think otherwise.

Partnering with Kemen fitness is to raise awareness on the importance of exercising and healthy food consumption with the brand as an affordable fitness option. Much more, it is to help our customers and the entire populace adopt healthier lifestyles and increase their life expectancy. We believe people shouldn’t just look healthy, they should live it.

It is no longer news that the tech ecosystem around the world is massively growing and Nigeria isn’t left out of the map. To avoid gaps for the unknown future, there is the need to groom talents and equip them for the future of work. While unemployment still remains a bother in Nigeria, transiting into tech isn’t location based and that makes a plus for anyone interested.

Coding skills has been observed to be the reason some people opt out of tech but by challenging this narrative, Flux identifies now is the best time to get into tech and have access to high income skills that involve no coding hence the collaboration with entry level.

Entry level teaches tech skills applicable to existing employment opportunities and prepares individuals for the job market and tech ecosystem.

We believe by working on these goals in partnership with the aforementioned brands, Nigerians can have increasing opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. Our goal is hit 10,000 completed goals before Q2 2022.