Oracle Finance — Launch details


It gives us immense pleasure to announce our launch process. As decided by the community via proposal-001 we will be launching on polygon.

Updated Tokenomics

We have updated our tokenomics to start with a total initial supply of 1 Million tokens.

The decision has been approved by the community and is done to create an artificial supply crunch post-launch. The total token of team, advisors, and marketing will reduce in the same ratio and the final tokenomics looks like the following.

  1. Presale (Community + Public) => 20% => 200k Tokens
  2. Launch => 40% => 400k Tokens
  3. Liquidity => 10% => 100k Tokens
  4. Team + Advisors => 20% with vesting => 200k Tokens
  5. Marketing => 10% => 100k Tokens


We have already launched our community presale and raised 78k USDT from it. As mentioned beforehand we are using this fund for our contract audits, marketing campaign, and hiring new team members to accelerate the launch readiness.

We are launching our public presale on 12th May at 5 pm UTC, the details are as follows:

  1. Total 100k Tokens
  2. WL to participate
  3. Price $1.25
  4. Dynamic Max limit per wallet (2.5k — 5k Tokens)
  5. Duration 24hrs
  6. FCFS
  7. Token USDT


Our Launch will start on 13th May at 8 pm UTC, the details are as follows

  1. Total 400k Tokens
  2. Open to all
  3. Price $1.4
  4. Dynamic Max Limit, (7.5k — 15k Tokens)
  5. Duration 48hrs
  6. FCFS
  7. Token USDT

What is the Dynamic max Cap?

To prevent big players from gobbling huge allocations at the start and to promote fairness, we are going ahead with a dynamic max cap. The decision to go ahead with this has been approved by the community.

When will the protocol go live?

We will provide liquidity and the protocol will go live on the 16th of May.

When will I be able to redeem nORFI to ORFI?

We will enable the redemption of nORFI to ORFI once we provide the liquidity.

How will the funds be used?

We want to be completely transparent with our community on how we aim to utilize the funds raised from the public presale and launch. We plan on dividing the total raised fund into three parts.

1. Protocol Expenses (10%)

Unlike other projects, we don’t aim to withdraw any funds from the treasury for protocol development, since this will decrease the overall Total Asset Value (TAV). Therefore we want to set aside 10% of the total raised amount for hiring new team members, marketing, and managing day-to-day expenses.

2. Treasury (70%)

We will be depositing 70% of the total raised amount in our treasury, to start with a healthy Total Asset Value (TAV) to market price ratio.

3. Liquidity (20%)

We will be using 20% of the total raised amount for providing liquidity.