Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold Over 107 Million Units

  1. Here’s how the console sold in the previous year:
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Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold Over 107 Million Units

Nintendo has released its most recent financial report, which includes information on total Switch sales to date. The combined power of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch — OLED Model has sold 107.65 million copies, bringing the total to 110 million. Despite this, Nintendo states that Switch sales have dropped by 20% year on year, blaming “shortages of semiconductor components and other parts”

Here’s how the console sold in the previous year:

Total Switch sales over this time period: 23.06 million
This period’s total Standard Switch sales were 13.56 million.
This period’s total Switch OLED sales were 5.80 million.
This period’s total Switch Lite sales were 3.70 million.

It’s a sharp reminder of how popular the Switch has been, and with titles like Bayonetta 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet all set to come this year, it seems like the platform will continue to sell well into the new year. What are your thoughts on the new Switch hardware figures?

On Tuesday, Nintendo announced a 10-for-1 stock split in order to make its shares more accessible to ordinary investors. For some time, shareholders have been asking for a stock split to increase the liquidity of the gaming giant’s shares. The change will take effect on October 1st when each share of ordinary stock will be divided into ten shares. Several big technology companies, including Apple and Amazon, have announced stock splits in recent years. Despite other large technological businesses losing billions of dollars in value this year due to a severe sell-off of risk assets, Nintendo shares are up 5% year to date.

Nintendo’s recent financial figures show solid Switch sales, despite a 20% decline year on year due to chip shortages. With 107.65 million Switch systems sold, the console is closing in on the lifetime sales of the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. To further emphasize its success, Switch hardware sales have now eclipsed Wii U software sales. The platform sold 13.56 million copies over its lifespan, the fewest in Nintendo’s core console lineup. It certainly emphasizes both the Switch’s success and the Wii U’s failure.

For the fiscal year ending March 31, Nintendo’s net profit fell 0.6 percent to 477.69 billion yen ($3.67 billion). According to a Wall Street Journal computation, the fourth-quarter net profit was Y110.30 billion, compared to Y367.39 billion in the previous nine-month period. This surpassed a FactSet poll of experts’ forecast of Y80.16 billion.

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