Nested launches its Ambassador program


Our Ambassadors make the link between the team and the end-users.

They associate their name to ours because they know that we have your best interest at heart.

After introducing Kris Kay — our first Ambassador — we wanted to explain our approach and thought process about the Ambassador Program.

Using influencers has become the norm in various industries because people get their information from the internet — sometimes exclusively.

You can promote anything if you have enough cash, and if your influencers have engaged followers, statistics show that you’re more likely than not to make a positive return on investment.

That being said, we believe that engaging with the right audience is more important than engaging with the biggest one.

Nested is destined to become a go-to tool to invest, learn and teach about DeFi.

It is thus logical for us to choose Ambassadors who give to their community the level of commitment we gave to our product.

The mission, if you accept it

Our Ambassadors’ role is to be the explorers of our community.

They are here to help people discover Nested and understand how the app can create value for them.

We firmly believe that you cannot succeed — as much as we aspire to — if you’re not actually solving problems.

Yet, it can take some time for people to realize that they have a problem in the first place, and even longer to see how a product can help them.

In addition to having qualitative and involved communities that promote growth and learning, our ambassadors are tech-savvy people with extensive and proven experience in the web3 space.

Most importantly, they are genuinely passionate and wholehearted when it comes to sharing knowledge that helps democratize new technologies for the greater good.

It’s a lot easier to onboard experienced key opinion leaders who know about the industry’s shortcomings and immediately see the value in Nested and its UX.

Newcomers have yet to face these issues and understand why it is easier to use Nested to invest and learn about crypto currencies — something that might come fast when entering DeFi.

Global reach

We will cover every continent to get to the right audience, except maybe for Antarctica…

It is important that our Ambassadors understand their followers, their culture and the thought process of the people who have an interest in using Nested.

Finding the right person for the job takes time and we won’t settle for less than the best out there.

Influencers VS Ambassadors

Our objective is not to influence people into using our app by associating our brand to an image or a person.

We choose people who are used to teaching because we want people to fully understand what we do, and to realize that we did it with them in mind.

Whenever you see an individual promoting something, ask yourself:

Are they using this person to get to me, or am I using him or her to get to that information? We are the latter.

So if you follow our Ambassadors, chances are you’re looking for information that will help you.

How does it work?

We are constantly on the lookout and get in touch with anyone whom we might consider as a perfect match.

Otherwise, you can always send us a private message on Twitter (DMs are open) if you want to become an Ambassador — we will happily instruct you on the different steps to apply.

We only consider individuals who have communities of more than 2k members, that engage with them regularly and create original and qualitative content.

We will not hesitate to show our gratitude. This is why we are ready to allocate a part of the exposure round to you so that you may too get involved financially in this great adventure.

This represents 4,125,000 tokens that will be accessible to ambassadors at the exclusive price of $0.44 with a maximum of up to $15,000 worth of investment available to each.

All that being said, passion for transmission is not reserved exclusively for all-in web3 degens with tens of thousands of followers.

We have thought of everything and have developed yet another special program for profiles of people who also wish to give to the Nested community — and let’s be honest: make a little extra on the side.

These people have a smaller reach but are devoted believers in what we do, so we wish to give them too an opportunity to shine.

To infinity and beyond

Up the sky and beyond goes the Astro Squad.

If our Ambassadors are the leader of our community, the Astronauts are its fierce scouts who explore new opportunities that this world is offering.

They have smaller communities but have the advantage of being closer to their audience. They’re more familiar with their community and understand their needs.

We’re convinced that value isn’t tied to quantity, but rather comes from consistency and quality content.

This new program opens a lot of new doors that we are only starting to discover.

Stay tuned for more information about the Astronaut program in the coming weeks.

Stronger together

Revolutions were never led single-handedly — we know it.

Our collaboration programs are only beginning and we hope to count many more ambassadors and astronauts in the near future.

We will soon introduce you to our second Ambassador.

Hint: he lives by the beach and he has been with Nested from the very beginning.

We have one objective: democratizing DeFi — and we will put all capable and enthusiastic hands on deck to achieve it.

Come join us!

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