Najah Roberts Teams Up with Hill Harper, Tavis Smiley and More Thought Leaders on Crypto and…

The Crypto Queen: Najah Roberts Conquers Economic Empowerment and Social Justice

WHO is Najah Roberts? Roberts is nationally known as the “Queen of Crypto.” The Chief Visionary Officer is a syndicated talk radio host, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, financial expert and the foremost authority on Crypto in America. She is unapologetically progressive with her unwavering support to helping others build wealth.

Roberts is the rare proven career leader who offers a perfectly-balanced blend of intuitive relationship management and no-nonsense, goal-focused execution. Her career working in the financial industry spans industry powerhouses. Roberts is currently the host of “Ahead of The Crypto Curve with Najah Roberts” on Tavis Smiley’s KBLA AM 1580 syndicated radio program.

With a focus on informing and educating audiences about the Crypto space, building generational wealth and other financial plug-ins, famed actor and New York Times bestselling author Hill Harper decided to join forces. Harper is also the founder and CEO of The Black Wall Street.

The daily talk show airs directly after “The Millionaire’s Roundtable with Lynn Richardson,” beginning at 1PM PST and features interviews with the most highly regarded thought leaders, opinion makers and influencers in the blockchain world.

The midday roundtable discussions are dedicated to getting audiences to think outside the box when it comes to economic security. The groundbreaking show empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions and keeps the general public up to date with the latest news, ideas, and information on all things cryptocurrency.

Roberts is the founder of the first African-American and Woman-owned Crypto Exchange and education center in the country. Najah’s Story AS SEEN ON Cryptocurrency Comes to Inglewood with owners of ‘Crypto Blockchain Plug’. Over the years, Roberts has proven herself as a dominant force in the financial space as an expert. She has worked on a diverse range of projects, and high-impact roles as a highly gifted motivational speaker, mentor, educator, philanthropist, and author.

The empowering businesswoman is gearing up for a cross country tour beginning at the end of the month visiting all of the major cities where she hopes to impact change through financial literacy at in-person events.

Throughout her career, Roberts has focused on improving business and financial areas to support the educational mission more seamlessly. She is responsible for educating others on financial literacy, and Crypto is her ministry, allowing her to utilize her knowledge to impact the masses.

Roberts tireless efforts toward economic and social justice has made her a prominent voice for the women in the greater Los Angeles community, and beyond. Her influence is far reaching, thanks to her legions of people who seek her out from around the world, and those who engage with her on her popular online platforms. She is an in-demand consultant and has coached countless individuals who have sought her guidance and expertise.

The change agent has maintained success in many areas of the financial industry, including asset acquisition and management, leadership development training others, inclusion initiatives and organizational development.

Roberts brings an incredible depth and breadth of experience, working across many different sectors and aspects of wealth building. She has been effective as a Cryptocurrency educator, and financial literacy thought leader developing processes to provide better, timely, and accurate financial information.

Roberts has been quoted by or appeared in numerous national media including Time, Yahoo Financial, CNBC, NBC News, ABC News, and Spectrum to name a few. She has received significant recognition during her career, including Woman of the Year from the California Legislature, honored by the California Assembly, and recognized in the California Senate, among many others.

Roberts also offers her service and expertise to several philanthropic and financial organizations and institutions across the United States, and is currently looking to expand internationally in her endeavors to motivate and empower more people to become financially informed, especially when it comes to Crypto. Her strategic leadership will help a new generation achieve its vision of being financially independent.

The savvy businesswoman is showing no signs of slowing down. Roberts is a woman to watch, and a woman on the move who is blazing new trails.

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