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  1. A Phoenix From the Ashes
  2. So, What Is MDT?
  3. Here are the key details.

The Quiet Hero of DeFi

I’ve been putting play-money into several DeFi contracts for the last couple of months, and apart from DRIP, most of them are either shaky to begin with, or like a bad relationship. They start out well then stab you in the back, just when you’re getting comfortable.

But there are one or two exceptions and right now, the two bright stars in my firmament are both from the same stable; Piston Token and My Diamond Team.

Piston, is a steady earner, but its native token has taken a beating recently, so I’m not going to wax lyrical about it today. It’s a watch-and-wait strategy.

But what has pleased and surprised me no end is the performance of Piston’s older brother, MyDiamondTeam.

MDT has been quietly and steadily churning out its promised 1.5% per day, ever since I joined. Well, you might say, plenty of projects stick to their daily returns but if the price is falling through the floor and the TVL is shrinking like a frog on a hotplate, then they’re going to die pretty soon.

And that’s where MDT bucks the trend. I first invested on April 2nd, when the TVL was below 8k BNB. Ever since then that contract curve has never faltered.

Take a look at that line — it’s a thing of beauty, and a rare sight in DeFi

Which is surprising, since I don’t see much talk around MDT in the forums. I don’t see lots of articles about it on Medium. So, what that tells me is that MDT has a loyal and committed membership, who are compounding more than they claim and sustaining the contract because they believe in it.

Right now, of course, the general crypto depression has squashed the price of BNB, so my dollar value has fallen slightly below what I invested, but my BNB holdings have grown 108% since April 2.

A Phoenix From the Ashes

It’s worth remembering that the MDT we’re looking at now is V2, the version that rose from the ashes of V1.

V1 was hacked by a bad actor early this year who got away with several million in investors’ money, before the devs were able to stop the contract.

What impressed me is that rather than walk away, they stepped up to their resposibilities. Within weeks, the rebuilt the platform with added security and relaunched it with the express aim of recouping everyone’s losses. And they achieved it.

Every investor who lost money from the hack, got every penny back. No wonder they are loyal now!

So, What Is MDT?

MDT V2 is a BNB miner protocol that returns a nominal 1.5% per day on your locked deposit. In fact it’s slightly more, because every time you compound they gift you a further 5% of your earnings, as a little loyalty reward.

That brings the daily up to 1.575%. But, in fact, it’s even better. According to my records, I’ve actually averaged a consistent 1.7% every day. I don’t know where those extra points are coming from, but it all adds up.

Here are the key details.

  • There’s a 10% tax on deposits and withdrawals.
  • Your stake is locked — you can only withdraw the daily returns.
  • Your max payout is capped at 365% of your stake.
  • You put BNB in and you get BNB out.
  • You need to visit the site to compound.

Getting in is easy. Simply deposit some BNB into the contract and take out your earnings in BNB, whenever you wish.

I really do love this contract. It doesn’t shout about itself, it just quietly gets on with the job in hand and does it very well.

If you’d like some reliability in your life, you can use my referral link, but of course you don’t have to.

Hope to see you in the team.

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