My Mind Thinks in 3s


When I ask myself the big questions, the answers usually come nicely packaged in groups of 3.

The Three Stooges in Wikimedia Commons

I don’t know what it is about the number 3, but for me, at least, it helps to sort things out in groups of three.

Several examples are in order.

What are the three greatest challenges of our time?

(1) Sustainability: Putting in place an economic, political and social system that can hold over time.

(2) Economic Equity: Giving everyone on earth a real, not make believe, or fairy tale, opportunity to make it.

(3) Peaceful Coexistence: Living together in peace, and at one with the natural order.

What are the solutions?

(1) Build Green Industrial Zones which are uniquely designed using…

(2) The Destiny Model, to inspire a sense of hope, and to lift people up with a virtuous cycle of opportunity, even as we meet the three greatest challenges of our time, namely: Sustainability, Economic Equity and Peaceful Coexistence.

(3) Use An Ideology of Common Sense as our sales pitch to spread the word, and to get everyone to buy in.

What are the three greatest Common Sense principles?

(1) The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.

The Golden Rule would have us treat each other well by investing in one another, sustainably, to give everyone on earth a place at the table, a stake in his future, a reason to keep the peace.

(2) The Golden Mean: The truth is not an extremist position; it’s usually to be found somewhere in the middle between two extremes. The Golden Mean would have us moderate our views by using Common Sense as our Ideology, i.e. An Ideology of Common Sense.

(3) The Greatest Good: Do what brings the greatest happiness to the greatest number.

The Greatest Good would have us maximize justice by inspiring one another with a sense of hope, and delivering on that promise with opportunity, even while protecting the environment.

Using the three greatest Common Sense principles; What is the formula for world peace?

(1) Ideology plus (2) Investment equals (3) Hope

An Ideology of Common Sense, as inspired by The Golden Mean, will help us make better sense of the world, and better decisions for our future.

Investment in one another, and in the planet as a whole, as inspired by The Golden Rule, will give everyone on earth a place at the table, a stake in his or her future, a reason to keep the peace.

A reset in Ideology, in what we believe, along with some well placed Investments, will bring Hope to the world, as inspired by The Greatest Good, but hope that is rooted in opportunity and sustainability. With hope will come a better chance for peace; peace between man and his fellow man, peace between nations, and peace between man and the natural world. We will begin to work together in common purpose, for a change; a change we can all believe in.

Why would a Green Industrial Zone float up in the air as a beacon of hope, for all to see, and for all to follow?

(1) Synthesis: Our Green Industrial Zone puts together, in one place, and at one time, all the pieces needed to solve some of our most intractable problems. It is multifaceted, not one dimensional.

(2) Symbiosis: Like two species helping each other out, our Green Industrial Zone creates a paradigm shift from winners and losers, to win/win outcomes. In short, everybody wins.

(3) Synergy: Because of its unique design, our Green Industrial Zone creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What will it take to actually build a Green Industrial Zone?

(1) A real estate developer who is willing to host the project, by allocating space for things like a Green Tech Incubator, which will launch startups, which can change the world with game- changing green innovations. The Green Tech Incubator, if successful, will grow into a full-fledged Green Industrial Zone.

(2) Startups which are on the cusp of game-changing technologies in such fields as: clean water, food production, healthcare, green energy, emission reduction, direct carbon capture, etc.

(3) Investors who are willing to push the envelope by investing not only to make a profit, but to make a difference as well.

These, then, are some of the ideas that come nicely packaged in groups of 3. Can they work? Some of us are working hard to find out even as we speak. But considering the alternative, it only makes sense to go for it, and give it a try.

Please see our video called The Missing Piece for Green (MPG) to get a better idea of what it will take to tweak the existing system just a tad, so as to insure our survival over the long haul.