My Crypto Strategy. 10x? No Problem.

  1. 6,315% APY With Copy-Trading.
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I started off with crypto currencies this April and was able to ROI 5 times on average, with crypto miners. As the hype in this sector slowed down, I am slowing exploring other sectors such as copy-trading instead. I found a gem. Jet-Bot, an official broker of Binance.

Jet-Bot is a copy-trader which gives us a variable returns based on the trader we copied.

My first 22 days experience had yield $150 in profits from a $350 investment. 42.86% ROI is AWESOME if we consider the flexibility we have. Yes, we can withdraw our funds at anytime.

Last week, I finally had a red day of -$32.

My net profit? $118. That’s still 30% ROI.

My Strategy

I am always keeping track of the markets and matching my sentiments with the copy trader. Currently, the weekly chart is showing a potential downside in the long-term for BTC/USD.

The markets are also moving side-ways in the daily time frame.

4 hourly analysis shows a short-term uptrend.

Verdict: Make sure that the copy-trader is carrying a short-term long position as well!

What is Jet-Bot?

Jet-Bot has been operating since 2019. They are also one of the official brokers of Binance, the largest crypto centralised exchange. Jet-Bot is a copy-trading platform where investors can copy the trades of professional traders. This means….making money in our sleep — Passive Income, which is what we love! 😏

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Getting Started

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