Multi-chain Data Archiving System Launched


Hello, this is APIS Team.

Multi-chain Data Archiving System has been successfully launched and integrated into the APIS Platform.

Multi-chain Data Archiving System is a unique system developed based on the APIS Platform’s on-chain data archiving structure by expanding it to multiple blockchain networks. The system records the blockchain incentive product participation data, which is currently being saved into a centralized database and the APIS Mainnet’s archiving contract, also into the BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

  • Multi-chain Data Archiving System implemented into the APIS Platform was originally planned to utilize Horizen Sidechain, but we decided to support BSC first since it has a broad ecosystem. It was released using BSC and Solidity smart contracts.

This system can create the duplex archiving structure that can save participation information into both blockchain networks: APIS Mainnet and BNB Smart Chain, which increases the stability and transparency of the platform’s data.

Various structural studies and developments have been carried out while integrating the multi-chain system into actual services, so we will improve our service by actively applying the contents of the research to develop new services and supporting new blockchain networks such as Horizen.

[Multi-chain record of the test APIS Platform participation]

APIS Mainnet Transaction :

BNB Smart Chain Transaction :

Thank you.


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