Monthly Review: April, 2022


April brought success for Defactor across multiple fronts. From picking up the Fidelity Impact award to funding over $1.45M transactions through the platform.

Future Horizons Showcase

Alejandro Gutierrez represented Defactor at the Future Horizons showcase event that was hosted by Fidelity Investments in partnership with Dogpatch Labs, Dublin. Defactor was carefully selected, along with six other organisations, to make a pitch about their mission within the web3 space. Alejandro spoke about Defactor’s vision to give traditional businesses access to DeFi liquidity and onboard real-world assets onto DeFi. We are proud to have Defactor selected for the Fidelity Impact Award, which was presented to Alejandro. The award acknowledges the gaps in the market, how we are poised to provide solutions and disrupt the FinTech space.

Paris Blockchain Week

Defactor partcipated in Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) and Paris NFT day, which brought together over 3000 blockchain and business leaders from across the globe. The team attended in partnership with the Algorand Foundation as an ecosystem partner, since Defactor has received a grant to build on their blockchain. As part of the collaboration, Defactor spoke on a panel that discussed emerging NFT solutions. We shared how NFTs can be used to finance real-world assets and about the real-world applications of digital assets in the traditional financial space. It was a refreshing panel that explored the opportunities NFTs bring, outside the .jpeg craze, to solve real-world problems. Defactor also sponsored transportation to an afterparty hosted by Algorand on the Eiffel tower. It was a productive week in Paris making connections and sharing our story! We want to thank Algorand for their cooperation and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration.

Defactor & Algorand Shuttle Bus

Asset Origination

The deadline for Springpad II closed on April 30th with over 20 applications. We are looking forward to selecting the potential candidates and welcoming them into the Defactor community and ecosystem. We will have more updates on Springpad in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can read about one of our successful candidates Antelope DAO, from Springpad II, in the recent customer spotlight story.

There were over $1.45M in transactions funded through the Defactor platform in April. What does this mean? This means that over $1.45M was extracted from liquidity pools in DeFi and used by asset originators to finance assets in the real world. Currently, the assets being financed through the platform fall under the receivables category, and more specifically invoices.

What lies ahead?

Still to come in May — we will be attending an Algorand community event in Berlin in support of the Algorand ecosystem and to further Defactors network within their community as we begin to build on the Algorand blockchain.

We will be a sponsor of Blockchain Ireland to expand our reach within the Irish DeFi ecosystem as it a grown rapidly over the past year. We will have an update on this in the coming weeks.

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